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16 * Pomander * Magenta

AS P 16 d
SFr. 35.30
inclusive of VAT


When someone chooses this Pomander in my store during a consultation, I always say: "Could it be that you want to leave the past with all its problems behind you ... fed up with all the problems that have "accompanied" you for a long time and now finally want to live a "new" life? To be free from shackles that prevent you from doing many things?"

The answer is 98%: "Yes. Exactly. I'm really fed up ... don't know how to manage it all, though!"

"Well", I then reply in each case, "It could be that this Pomander will help you to turn certain things upside down" ... and why not start the day with a refreshing shower with the Magenta Flower Shower ?

* * *

This Pomander, which has been secretly longed for by many people for a long time, is especially important and appropriate for today's events. This essence can help us to "remember" even more consciously that we can always count on the "help from above"; even if many of us have long given up hope in this regard.

Practically every time I spray the Pomander Spray Magenta in my little store ... and I get a visit from new or existing customers shortly thereafter, I always hear, "Hmmm, that smells fine!"

* * *

This Pomander can help us to be better in the here and now. Magenta also brings us closer to ourselves and teaches us to appreciate what we have. Magenta lets us recognize, develop and live the love from above. It enhances our compassion for ourselves and our life situation. It brings us the realization that our life is a part of a greater plan. When we understand this, we have discovered the secret of a happy life. Magenta promotes a thoroughly positive attitude towards life.

* * *

Mike Booth, who met Vicky Wall at an exhibition in Worchestershire in 1984, and became her closest collaborator ... tells us the following:

I remember well the moment when the Equilibrium Bottle Archangel Chamael saw the light of day ... and I received the inspiration that in the near future the Magenta Pomander would be born. I also remember Vicky often sharing stories with us of how she had applied Magenta as a paint in her clinic; a time honored healing technique whose healing potential was first recognized at the Battle of Magenta in 1859.

Perhaps we now have the opportunity to become 'whole' ('whole' as the root of the word 'healing'), with the potential to heal our karmic wounds. Love is not only the answer, but also the key to our healing.

If we do not love ourselves, what chance do we have of caring for each other? Let us remember whom we should love first and most as we immerse ourselves in the magenta ray. If it feels good, I suggest that when you first use this Pomander, you say, "As I offer this sacred substance to myself, I love myself and feel the love from Above."
* * *

Archangel Chamael

Chamael means as much as "power of the heart of God". Chamael sends the "divine love", the "unconditional love" and the trust in the divine to the earth and to human hearts.

The Archangel Chamael is the comforter in suffering and the deliverer from the prison into which one has fallen through one's own incapacity and from which one would now like to escape, but cannot do it by one's own strength and therefore begs for help.

Chamael can help to release us from the feelings of deficiency that arose in childhood, if we did not receive enough motherly love.

* * *

The manifestation of this new Pomander reminds us of the emergence of the NAOS*CARD, which was also "born" on a key day (March 21, 2016) and which is also there to heal karmic wounds.

* * *

Chakra assignment: This Pomander works on all chakras, but especially on the eighth chakra (it is located above the 7th chakra and outside the body).

Organ assignment: Acts on the whole body.

* * *

Application: I have described the use of the Pomander in detail in the main section. I recommend you to practice the described "ritual" regularly at least five times a day for at least four weeks. You will see that in a short time you will notice both physical and other positive changes. The 25ml bottle contains enough "magic" for several months. Experience shows that you do not need to empty the bottle ... so: take it easy ;-)

With certain exceptions that I point out with the individual Pomander, you can also use most of the essences just before sleep ... so that you can let their energy potential work on you while you sleep.

* * *

Extract of the herbal ingredients:

Pelargonium graveolens oil, cananga odorata flower oil, rosa damascena bulgaria flower oil, polianthes tuberosa flower extract, rosa damascena flower oil

Extract of precious and semi-precious stones used:

Rose Quartz, Opal, Rubellite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink Angelite, Ruby Rubellite, Bloodstone, Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Charoite, Ruby Zoisite, Carnelian

This Pomander has a sensual and invigorating scent.

* * *

The Quintessence Pallas Athena is assigned to the Pomander Magenta. Therefore, it would certainly be interesting to read the information of this Quintessence ;-)