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Cinnamon insoles

SFr. 9.80
inclusive of VAT


How to use the insoles and how long they last

Because our cinnamon insoles fit the shape of each shoe, it is advantageous to use separate cinnamon insoles for each pair of shoes. With normal use, the insoles can be worn for about 3 months before needing to be replaced. This is the best way to develop a pleasant and effective freshness.

Important notice: Do not use if you are allergic to cinnamon. Because cinnamon, like other spices, can stimulate the uterus, cinnamon insoles should not be worn during pregnancy as a precaution. Do not wash, do not cut!

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What about the quality?

Our cinnamon soles contain no artificial flavors, only good, ground cinnamon. Depending on the size, between 50 and 90 g of cinnamon powder are incorporated per pair. No fillers such as sawdust are used. The upper part of the soles is made of cotton satin.

We expressly distance ourselves from "cheap products". All cinnamon soles in our assortment are made of purely natural materials, free of any chemicals.

Why cinnamon?

Cinnamon is said to have various medicinal healing properties. Previously still limited to the Far Eastern healing arts, the product is now also gaining popularity in the field of lifestyle and wellness.

5 good reasons that speak for natural cinnamon soles

1. DryIn addition to its pleasant scent, cinnamon also has the advantage of binding moisture and eradicating odor. Those with a tendency to sweaty feet can therefore benefit therefore particularly benefit from cinnamon soles.

2. Pleasant: Cinnamon soles provide a pleasant and balanced foot climate and thus a comfortable feeling in the shoe. Due to the improved blood circulation in feet and legs, you can look forward to more relaxed feet and legs. Especially those who walk a lot in everyday life and do not have so many opportunities to change their shoes in between, will appreciate the pleasant effect of our cinnamon soles.

3. Good smelling: With our cinnamon soles you no longer need to be afraid to take off your shoes - sweaty feet and unpleasant foot odor will be a thing of the past. All that spreads in the room is a light and very pleasant smell of cinnamon.

4. Antibacterial: The antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant effect of cinnamon can help bacteria, viruses and spores can hardly stay in shoes, socks or stockings. The result is a holistically healthier foot skin, healthier toenails and nail beds, and a significant reduction in the risk of nail or athlete's foot formation.

5. Massaging: Insoles of cinnamon soles are like little masseurs in everyday life. The various foot reflex zones are continuously and gently stimulated with every step, which can have a positive effect on overall physical well-being.