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B104 * Archangel Chamael

AS E 104 d
SFr. 43.50
inclusive of VAT


Belongs to the Seventh Ray. The Pink  Ray or Ruby Ray.

Love, Admiration and Gratitude

There is also an association with the Garden of Gethsemene.*

Chamael strengthens the heart.

At 9:15am on October 6, 2004 the Archangel Chamael was born: Iridescent Pink/Magenta, an extra-ordinary combination for our times. The resolution between love and war. Chamael is attributed to Virgo, Mars and also to Wednesday.

He has come into being to help to resolve and bring forward the feminine aspect within our planet. He is particularly concerned with the energies of the AndesMountains and how these energies, along with the feminine aspect, circulate across the planet as the rainbow serpent unfolds.

For those who have been working deeply with themselves, we often come to a point or place where, in our observations of the witnessing of what is happening upon the stage of ourselves, we go into a point of judgement or criticism instead of allowing ourselves to be what we are. We go into a false sense of distancing ourselves as though we could become separate from who and what it is we are. Chamael is there to help us with impartial observation of ourselves, others and the world, and to go deeper into feminine receptivity in the context of the deeper work with ourselves.

The Pink energy in the upper fraction relates to detachment but also contains the energies of the Mother of Pearl. Mother of Pearl is the suffering that is created when we separate at any level within ourselves. It is the suffering that is created by our desires, by our wants not being fulfilled and how the Pink energy brings in the deeper levels of self-acceptance to help diminish suffering through identification.

Identification, in this sense, refers to when we judge ourselves, judge others or become negative in any sense, it then puts the 'I' into a situation of separation. Chamael, as a principality, as a divine principal, has come to help us in the transmission of good intentions, the Emissary of these in relation to the work with ourselves. He is sometimes called one of the Princes of Virtue and is a leader or chief of all the Archangels.

A relevant and more general comment in relation to the Archangels, it is said that in less than one millisecond an Archangel can travel from one end of the universe to the other. Equally, if we think of this concept of millions of light years, it is like an availability which is beyond our needs, then the Archangel is there to fulfill such needs, if we are open to their presence. In this sense, the Archangel is with us to the extent that there is nothing between us and the energy that is available to support us in our "play" with ourselves.

The timing in relation to Chamael, which has been one of the more difficult and protracted births, has another element of the iridescence, unrelated to the energy of Mother of Pearl, which is the silver connection. The silver floating also helps the feminine intuitive to be made more conscious. This element within the Pink energy is a deep healing possibility in relation to the feminine; the re-addressing of understanding and light from the point of view of the deeper levels of receptivity within the self.

As one of the seven Archangels that attend the Throne of God, Chamael is described as "one of the Holy angels whom God has set over those who rise". He is the same Archangel who, in the apocalypse of Boruch, destroys the army of Sennacherib.

These Archangels have a particular providence of protection in times of need, to protect cities, airports, stations, places of worship, sacred spaces and even nations.

The feminine aspect of the heart and the love of the Father-Mother God. Chamael may help in the development of the heart and the opening of the Emerald of the heart. The qualities here being compassion (real-feeling), better communication, a balance of the love of self and how we are able to extend our love to others.

The healing of schisms within the nuclear family, the overcoming of conflict and restoration of harmony with those with whom we have been in conflict.

A gate-keeper of Heaven. A light generator within the physical realm. Chamael communes directly with stars and nebula as light frequencies. Other attributions - self-discipline, contentment in inter-personal relationships, happiness and joy. Beauty in all things.

The meaning of Chamael is "He who is witnessing God".Attributed to Geburah, the image of a warrior driving a Chariot.

He has, as protector of Heaven, hundreds of thousands of angels who are there to work with him.

The focal point for the work of Chamael is the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Eire. Tara is said to be a gateway to the other world.

Incredibly powerful. With the transformational powers that come, then the more we relax, the more the struggle with ourselves or conflicts, are overcome. The bird attribution of Chamael presence is the Robin and the tree attribution is the Red Maple.

Chamael is also attributed to Sagittarius, especially in relation to travel and a sense of enduring peace.

The 104 is a 14 Clear/Gold, the Sagittarius bottle. It is also is a 5 Yellow/Red, the Leo bottle and Vicky's Soul Bottle. Thus Vicky also brings her blessing in through this bottle.

The smell of Gardenia. Chamael is a protector of health and well-being. To help us let go of violence within ourselves and overcome conflict, to be able to let go more easily.

Chamael's message - "Trust and know that everything is perfect" even when it seems that everything is not, even when we have been trying to be - "It is as it is".

* Clara Clement in her book Angels in Art published in 1898, attributes Chamael as the angel who appeared to Jesus in his agony in the Garden of Gethsemene.