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Pomander * Mini-Set

The Pomanders, which are applied externally around the body, serve to protect the body and act -depending on the color- on certain body symptoms or body states.

The word "Pomander" was formerly used as a name for the method of incense with different fragrances for harmonization.

The Aura-Soma Pomanders are specially designed for strengthening and protection. The Pomanders are made from 49 medicinal plants, just like the Quintessences. The Pomanders provide support and protection for one's aura. The Pomanders have an incomparable delicate fragrance and have a supporting and balancing effect in all situations of life.

The colors and energies of our aura change depending on our mood and the external conditions in which we find ourselves. The Pomander influences this "aura mood" - it balances the aura and protects us from negative energies. Tension and stress can be greatly reduced.