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Pomander Spray

Since you are reading these words, I assume that you know that your home (or workplace) not only provides protection and space for you and your family or team.... but that sometimes invisible energies nestle in it.... Beings that do not contribute to the cost of rent.

The invisible energy of such vampiric squatters can make you sick, lead to depression ... and can cause stress (for no visible reason). In other words, these squatters often have the power to totally unbalance people, so that personal well-being and behavior can change in a very short time. You may also wake up tired in the morning and simply not feel rested.

By the way, similar symptoms can also manifest from sleeping on interference zones and from too high a dose of electrosmog.

If we now assume that such uninvited "guests" are staying with you, I can tell you with the best of my knowledge and conscience that these "phantoms" can also "hide" in objects such as a pendulum clock, a picture, in a wooden mask, in a gemstone, in the mattress, in the closet, under a chair, in a table, etc. can "hide". That they can also nestle in the walls is certain.

* * * 

The Aura-Soma room sprays can be used as energetic air purifiers; they are there to positively change the atmosphere of the rooms we are in. The Aura-Soma room sprays can be used in the living area, in seminar rooms, treatment rooms and at the workplace. They are also excellent sprays for the car.

Only natural substances are used in the production of the room sprays. The sprays do not contain harmful or in any way polluting synthetic substances. They are packaged as pump sprays (without aerosol) in original MIRON 100ml violet glass flacons.

How do I choose the most optimal spray for this ritual ?

Please take a moment to choose and think about what you want to achieve with this ritual: e.g. more harmony, more calmness, more self-confidence, more success, more joy of life, etc. etc.. Then intuitively click on one of the sprays shown below. Please read the text of the spray and let it surprise you! I am 99% sure that you choose the "right" spray.