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The Pomander, which are applied externally around the body, serve to protect the body and act -depending on the color- on certain body symptoms or body states.

The word Pomander was formerly used as a name for the method of incense with different fragrances for harmonization. The Aura-Soma Pomanders are specially designed for strengthening and protection. The pomanders are made from 49 medicinal plants, just like the quintessences. They provide support and protection for one's aura. The pomanders have an incomparable delicate fragrance and have a supporting and balancing effect in all situations of life.

The colors and energies of our aura change depending on our mood and the external conditions in which we find ourselves. The pomander influences this "aura mood" - it balances the aura and protects us from negative energies. Tension and stress can be greatly reduced. Pomanders are used by fanning them into the aura; this creates an effective protection.

Thanks to their handy format (plastic flacon 25ml), they can be easily carried in a handbag, trouser pocket or coat pocket, to be used at the desired moment.

How to use: Put three drops in your left palm and rub both hands until the pomander has dissipated. Then raise your arms above your head and visualize for a moment how you are releasing the essence of the pomander to the earth and around the globe. You can consciously imagine the color as you do this. Also "see" how all living beings benefit from it.

Then gently distribute the energies of the Pomander around your body without touching it. Start with the feet and then along the body, left, right and back. Visualize the energies of the Pomander entering your body. Then stand up straight again, hold your hands in front of your face and inhale the scent of the pomander in three deep breaths.

By using a Pomander, you cleanse your etheric body and strengthen your aura. The information remains active in and around your body for about 3 to 4 hours. You can also use the same pomander several times a day, according to your feeling.