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In order to maintain her heart function of only 30% while she had not yet completely lost her sight, Vicky Wall (the founder of Aura-Soma) had to take long walks every day. During these walks she "felt" that she had to pick the herbs that she met on her way. She then had them preserved in alcohol. At that time she did not yet know why she was doing this. When she felt her collection was complete, she had collected 49 herbs (7x7).

What is the purpose of the Pomander? The purpose of each Aura-Soma® Pomander is to protect, purify, refresh and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. On the one hand, a Pomander protects against negative influences, on the other hand, it can also introduce positive influences into the body.

The colors and energies of our aura change depending on our mood and the external conditions in which we find ourselves. The Pomander influences this "aura mood" - it balances the aura and protects us from negative energies. By using a Pomander, you cleanse your subtle bodies (chakras) and strengthen your aura by plugging the "holes" through which you lose energy.

The use of a Pomander can significantly reduce tension and stress. They affect - depending on the color - certain symptoms or body states. The Pomander have an incomparable delicate fragrance and have a supporting and balancing effect in all life situations.

* * *

Kirlian Photography / Aura / Clairvoyants: Scientific research using Kirlian photography clearly shows that the Pomander create small energetic valves in our aura. These valves - also perceived and confirmed by clairvoyants - "visibly" allow very subtle and light energies to flow in and filter out less useful energies.

* * *

Application: Put three drops in your left hand and gently rub both hands together until the essence evaporates. Then gently (remember to smile) fan the Pomander energy around your body (aura) without touching it: Start at your feet and work your way up your body (including your back) to the top of your head. Imagine that you are holding a sponge in each hand and that both sponges are filled with the energy and color of the Pomander. Imagine that you are painting your aura completely with this color. Then hold your hands in front of your face and inhale the Pomander scent deeply three times. You will see: In no time you will feel the effect of this "magic" essence.

I recommend that you do this ritual five times a day for at least 4 weeks. Start the day with it and end it with it. Apart from a few exceptions (which I have described in the individual Pomander), you can use the Pomander of your choice several times a day and also before going to bed. The positive effect of this ritual lasts for about two to four hours. It would be beneficial not to use different Pomander on the same day.

The small plastic flacons (25ml) are easy to carry, fit in any pocket and in the smallest handbag and, like the Quintessences, can be used discreetly anywhere and at any time of day.

* * *

Ingredients: The Aura-Soma® Pomander contain plant, flower and vegetable extracts, precious and semi-precious stones and essential oils; a combination of 49 different natural ingredients. To preserve the extracts - which are assigned to the seven main chakras - they are stored in an alcohol-based solution.

* * *

Energetic space cleaning: The Pomander are excellent for energetic cleansing of spaces (private and business). The sprays I have described in this section can help transform negative energy present in environments, homes ... and elsewhere.

The individual Pomander have direct connections to the Quintessences of Aura-Soma®.