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Tsesite - a special “stone”

Tsesite - probably the best researched healing stone in recent years.

The manifold effects of the Tsesit are difficult to explain; you have to experience them yourself. Since its introduction in 2010, we have received almost 16,000 positive responses in Switzerland alone ... and about 60'000 extremely positive feedbacks worldwide !!!

Beneficial effects on body, mind and soul

The effects that Tsesite can have on our well-being are truly extraordinary. It is rumored that the Tsesite can replace the effect of about 250 other healing stones... Below I list the most important ones:

>• relaxes the musculature
>• promotes wound healing
>• has a mood-lifting effect
>• helpful in case of burn-out
>• improves blood circulation
>• relieves joint and back pain
>• improves the quality of sleep
>• stimulates the self-healing powers
>• increases vitality and performance
>• interesting for cardiac arrhythmias
>• conveys inner peace and tranquility
>• improves oxygen supply to the cells
>• promotes the formation of red blood cells
>• promotes self-realization and success
>• promotes lymph flow of congested lymph nodes
>• good for liver, gall bladder, urinary bladder and ureter
>• helpful for menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms
>• promotes falling asleep as well as sleeping through the night
>• promotes physical regeneration after prolonged periods of illness
>• acts on the thyroid gland, the nervous system and the pineal gland

This list represents a small sample of the diverse effects of Tsesite.