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Tsesite cream

SFr. 29.90
inclusive of VAT


Tsesit cream ... with mild jojoba oil

filled in light-protective 30ml MIRON© violet glass jar

* * *

Based on personal experience we can say that the Tsesit cream can help with the following complaints ... and often positively supports the healing:

>• wound healing
>• tensions
>• back pain
>• joint complaints
>• bone ailments
>• migraines and headaches
>• menstrual cramps

* * *

Application: Tsesite cream is applied externally to the problem area or injury. To achieve the best possible results, this is repeated at useful intervals, depending on the problem or injury. Since the tsesite is ferrous, the cream, which has a reddish-brown color, can easily stain.

Please note that:

>• the cream must be applied only externally ...
>• that the cream has a slight reddish tint, because it contains, among other things, iron ...
>• and that the Tsesit cream in no way replaces a visit to a doctor ...