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Eye Illuminare

SFr. 25.70
inclusive of VAT


Before we go into detail about the application possibilities of Eye Illuminaire, we would like to point out that this small bottle should only be touched by the person who will eventually apply it for personal use. As with the Equilibrium essences, the application of Eye Illuminaire is something "personal". Thank you.

* * *

The concept of Eye Illuminaire is that it can rebalance the eyes. It was created by Vicky Wall, who used to collect pansy flowers to put on her eyes when they felt tired. The thought of the pansies giving up their lives for her benefit troubled her.

So she set out to find the energies of the Eye Illuminaire. The answer to her prayers is this combination of color vibrations. The purple/magenta color of the Eye Illuminaire is just above the violet ray, which in the Aura-Soma Colour Care System refers to the area around the head and upward.

Eye Illuminaire is particularly effective in relation to tired or strained eyes. With regular use over a long period of time, eyes can rebalance, "after-color" changes, and it has been reported that it can lead to improved vision. In any case, an optometrist or ophthalmologist should be consulted if eye discomfort persists.

* * *

Do not open the bottle! Do NOT look directly into the sunlight while using the Eye Illuminaire.

* * *

Application: If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please remove them before use. Hold the flaçon on the gold-colored cap close enough to the open eye to allow the color beam to penetrate the eye. Close the other eye while doing so.

Turn to as natural a light source as possible, e.g. daylight (do not look at the sun!). If the light is not sufficient, a bright lamp or flashlight can be used. Count off 33 seconds, close the eye (and keep it closed) and observe the "after colors" that manifest in the eye. Repeat the exercise with the other eye.

The Eye Illuminaire adapts to their needs and may change slightly in color during use. If the purple/magenta color of the ingredient of the bottle changes to a light green, please do not continue using and discard the bottle.

* * *

Often seen "after colors" can suggest the following:

> blue / royal blue - the 3rd eye becomes/is active

> pink / light magenta - the eye is healthy

> yellow / green or other colors - usually indicates an imbalance in the eye and the fact that it is being worked on

* * *

Do not use as eye drops! The liquid must remain sealed in the flaçon.