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05 * Pomander * Coral

AS P 05 d
SFr. 35.30
inclusive of VAT


Color: Coral
Fragrance : Violets
Crystal Energies :

When we think of the coral, firstly we think of unrequited love, - love that is not returned in the way that it is given.  I think many people at this time are coming to the point of loving themselves in another way.  It may have been that, at one point, it was easier to love ourselves when it was obvious that we were doing the right thing, saying the right thing, being creative and considering others.  So, what would unrequited love be in relation to the whole of what we are and who we are?  It would be to learn to care for the parts of ourselves that are most difficult to care for and to feel how those parts of ourselves respond.  If there are aspects of ourselves that are suffering from un-love, then how would those bits know how to respond to the more caring aspects within us?  Perhaps some of these walls or barriers could be overcome with the coral pomander, so that those aspects that have been lying in our shadow may merge into the light, to learn how to love and care in a new way.

The coral can be an awakening to a new level of caring.  To care for those parts of ourselves which have suffered the consequences of our un-caring is again to come to a new awakening, the out-breathing and in-breathing that can happen so much more deeply if we learn to relax into a more caring approach in our lives. With thoughts of the breath, we immediately think of another aspect of the coral.  All plants, all of the organic film on earth breathes out so that we may breathe in the quality of life.  We are actually interdependent in relation to all things.  This is very different from mere dependency, because dependency would imply a different level of responsibility, whereas interdependence indicates our ability to respond.  To be responsive in the true sense of the word is to be in touch with the true essence of the coral energy, to feel how it is inside ourselves, how a leaf is moved by the wind, or a branch, or indeed, the trunk of a tree.  The wind is movement, the changes come and go.  The coral pomander can help us meet these changes with a sense of responsiveness.  We begin to accept our responsibilities with a sense of joy, rather than hardship.

The coral pomander may have awaited its arrival for a particular point in time, where we are now ready to begin to clean up our time-lines.A time line is the continuity of consciousness from its beginning to its end.  Each shock or event is a point or wave on this line.  A distortion due to all kinds of patterns of interference can move the emphasis on the time line which in turn reduces synchronicity.  It is possible through the integration of these events or shocks that more synchronicity can be resumed. The implications of this bring another understanding of the coral energy which is always helping us to move closer to synchronicity: we can understand the coral here in relation to its opposite Color, turquoise. Creativity brings us in touch with synchronicity.  When we move closer to our time-line we begin to take up our responsibility as we move into synchronicity, facing the fears of the past.  Remember that hidden within our fears has often been the energy that has moved us forward, to help to carry us from one state to another.  When we act from fear, energy is released that leads to the creation of that very fear.  It seems that to love our fears would be to integrate the energy that has been locked up in our fears, helping us to make the next step forward - the release of unrequited love, the release of fear. This brings a new awakening, the coral pomander, to the time-line.