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05 * Colour Essence * Coral

AS CE 05 d
SFr. 25.20
inclusive of VAT


The Colour Essence Coral lifts the zest for life. The time of the lone fighter is over. We seek and find togetherness again and are ready to cooperate.

It strengthens our spirit by providing a soothing affirmation of the benefits of harmonious coexistence within the community and promotes self-esteem. When we open up and share, we feel significantly more protected and taken care of ... than when we retreat into our shell in a bad mood.

This essence helps to recognize and unfold the advantage of cooperation and thus lets us see more clearly the gifts that my environment and I myself have. Thus, the interdependence receives a clear meaning and helps to make any compromises.

We are all "dependent" on something or someone. I, for example, am "dependent" on my baker, among others, he in turn is "dependent" on his suppliers, these on agriculture ... and these last (or first) on Mother Nature. EVERYTHING we can touch in any way comes from Mother Nature. EVERYTHING.

The use of this essence helps to balance all chakras, as it reduces anxiety and thus allows the life energy to flow more smoothly. Furthermore, this essence awakens qualities in us that we did not even know about ;-)

* * *

Plant: Strawberry
Tree: Mulberry
Crystals: Desert rose
Minerals: Coral

Chakra assignment: Anahata-Chakra

Astrological sign: Taurus


Application: a few drops of it can be rubbed on the inside of the wrists, the temples, the back of the neck and/or on the throat and/or behind the ears, the belly and/or around the ankles.

Affirmation: My star and your star are one star. One and the same light shines in both.

* * *

The essences are bottled in Miron violet glass (30ml). The unique properties of the violet glass filter different light frequencies, which both protects and revitalizes natural products and extends their shelf life quite significantly.