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B119 * Ceres (Shock-Rescue)

AS E 119 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


orange / tiefmagenta

Healing shocks

Ceres has a very significant potential to "turn around" situations and feelings.

The color orange is able to gently heal, transform shock experiences. See also the information of Equilibrium oil No. 26. The color deep magenta, which we find again in certain Equilibrium essences, is also related to shock experiences and helps to put us back on our feet.

* * *

It seems to be the case that we have been facing a great challenge for some time. The time has come to transform experiences from the past.

This Equilibrium essence offers us a not to be underestimated possibility to heal traumas and shocks.

The color orange of this essence can help to feel deepest happiness again.

The energy of the Equilibrium Essence of Ceres can help us to find the motherly love within ourselves and for ourselves. Ceres offers us the opportunity to let go, find comfort, and gain clarity about the wisdom that lies within us. There is a light at the end of the tunnel where our relationship to time (past and future) changes as we enter the here and now without hesitation.

* * *

Where this essence is applied: On the one hand, gently massage along the hair line (forehead-sleep-neck), then massage around the body at the level of the lower abdomen and also apply to the soles of the feet.

* * *

Affirmation: "I am now receiving deepest happiness. Thank you!"