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B118 * Echo

AS E 118 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


light coral / light violet

Protection and well-being for body, mind and soul

This essence is often chosen by people who have a deep need for a protective "mantle"; a soft "shell", a gentle cocoon, which gives the feeling of being protected at the deepest level.

Using this Equilibrium Oil can help to release fears; fears of which we may not even be aware. The light violet colour representing the lower part of this Equilibrium Oil often indicates that "invisible" energies may be present which "visit" us not only during the day but especially overnight; energy thieves. It is also quite possible that these energy thieves are present at work and in the family.

In my opinion, however, the person(s) who causes you problems cannot be held responsible for this. There is no need to look for a "culprit" at all. Neither on the outside, nor on the inside.

Since unimaginable times, not only here on earth, but also in other universes, energy thieves have been at work, who have anything but lightful thoughts and actions as their motto. Violet, and especially light violet, is THE anti-vampire colour no. 1 at all! In this respect I recommend you to read the information about the Pomander Violet, as well as the information about the Quintessence St. Germain ;-)

* * *

The energy spectrum of coral, or light coral, which characterizes the upper part of this Equilibrium oil, brings (with great probability) the subject of unrequited love to light. Fortunately! Because it seems that now (finally) is the time ... in any case for the people who choose this essence ... to stop judging themselves. Cool.

When I think of the sea creature, coral clearly gives me an information: I build a shield around me, so that my inner self cannot be hurt (anymore).

So it seems to be quite possible that the people who choose this essence and use it regularly can rely more and more on their inner strength, reduce fears and strengthen their self-confidence, if not even their primal trust gently but consciously.

I recommend you to read the information I have published about the Pomander Coral. And then you mix the mental information from the purple pomander, from the quintessence St. Germain and the pomander Coral together, shake it well (with a smile of course) and voilà: this is how alchemy works ;-))

* * *

Where this essence is applied: Exactly where you feel like it