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B117 * Pan

AS E 117
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


turquoise / red

Inspiration for future teamwork


Pan: The spirit of nature, which is contained in all trees, plants, crystals, gemstones ... and in ourselves.

The energetic "structure" of the turquoise essence of this bottle can help us to start the "journey" into our deepest consciousness with creativity and responsibility. Turquoise has -among other things- to do with communication. In this case not only communication to the outside but communication with the all-encompassing morphogenetic field, the light network on earth, into which more and more people "plug in"; whether they are aware of it ... or not.

* * *

In my store in Vevey, since a few months, I meet more and more people who somehow "wake up" and have the feeling of "remembering things" ... , experiences or "knowledge" to which they had no access before. Interesting.

* * *

The application of this essence can help to connect even more consciously with all beings (be they visible or invisible) of Mother Earth ... and together with them to start the journey into the deepest inside ... and no longer be deceived by "images" that distort our senses -like a mirage. The lower, red part of this essence can help to step out of the "mirage"; to awaken.

When the two halves of this Equilibrium oil are shaken together, this combination, after being applied to the body, can open our minds to a new kind of conscious awareness. Similarly, as we awaken our spirit, it is also necessary to honor the "spirit" or "spirits" of nature. It is more than necessary to revive such thinking and action. Both the Equilibrium Essence Queen Mab and Pan call us to do this.

Using this essence can also help us express and communicate the deeper levels of our feelings: The time for social communication is now. Pan offers the opportunity to bring energies together, directly helping to implement shared visions and support humanity in the journey of awakening at this time.

Viewed in this way, this is not just an essence for personal well-being ... but an essence for shared well-being.
It could also be that the energetic signature of this essence could help protect us from "frequencies" of manipulation if we really work with it with our appropriate intentions. I am thinking of subliminal information of all kinds.

* * *

Good luck with the spreading of your wings !