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B108 * Archangel Jeremiel

AS E 108 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Top: Mid-Tone Turquoise

Lower: Mid-Tone Olive 


Jeremiel is one of the Archangels that has been attributed as a source for many of the Hebraic texts.

It is said that Jeremiel took Baruch, (one of the writers of early Judaic text), on a tour of the different levels or stages of heaven.

Jeremiel is also seen as an accompanier or companion in the transition from one state to another.

When the soul rises after the last out-breath, Jeremiel is the one that supervises the transition, through the Guardian Angel and other angels that are present, to bring ease and grace to the situation.

The care in the letting go!


A letter of Mike Booth:

Dear Friends, Jeremiel is also an angel that has been associated with pagan religions and the sense of the old religion. This is a peculiar attribution for an Archangel to have: - the goddess work and the work with the ancient earth energies and the sacredness of the earth. The turquoise and olive either side of the Emerald of the Heart.

We also think of Jeremiel as being one of the clearest seeing of all the Archangels, having been called ‘the eyes of God’. Clarity of perception is one of the gifts within Jeremiel - the divine perception or see-er.

When we look into the mid-tone of the turquoise, which is between the pale turquoise and the hue of the turquoise, we are in the “creative communication of the heart” intensified, in the form of media communications, as well as the communications that are to reach other levels of being. This is particularly helpful in supporting those in the journey of individuation, the journey towards the self. When we are on the journey there are moments when we are likely to meet, what lies in the mid-tone between the pale olive and the hue of the olive, which is the base colour of the bottle, Jeremiel. It is the bitterness that has been spoken about so much over the last years that can be a gift, once it is unwrapped, to reveal a possibility for a new truth, a new sense of hope that may emerge. It offers a sense of how the pale olive is if we connect with it, and then face it directly - face the bitterness to penetrate the disappointments of the past, the sense of betrayal, of not being in right relationship with ourselves and the way in which we believe we have been with ourselves at this point in our journey. Then, facing a new dawn, a new hope, a new possibility begins to occur, a re-birth in the journey of individuation bringing with it synchronicity and being at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

There is a promise of restoration of hope that accompanies this which is especially related to the olive. It is a sense of clarification in the judgements that we make. We also think of judgement as an attribution particularly related to the gold. There is a judgement that needs to be suspended in relation to ourselves but also a clarity of judgement in relation to discrimination, to the truth and how the marriage of love and truth come together to create a very different situation. Jeremiel has a lot to do with hope through clear judgement. If we look back through time there are lessons that we can gather from what has taken place in the past and if those lessons are appreciated in the right context then they may give a sense of hope. Jeremiel’s energy has a great deal to do with the lessons of the past which are re-valuated to give that sense of hope.

Israel’s hope at this moment in time is based on a faithfulness in the one God or the true God, the Mother/Father God, the Architect of all that is. Jeremiel is akin to that same transmitter of the faithfulness, of the true faith in the source. To build a sense of a spiritual life, a spiritual purpose, to transcend the limitations of time to be able to bring about our spiritual re-birth.

 “In the year 587 BC there was a removal of two specific situations– the temple and the removal of the Davidic line in relation to the kingdom. They stood for symbolic assurance of God’s election of Israel. The loss was far greater than a loss of national prestige and left the entire understanding of Israel’s special relationship with God in question. What had happened was a total reappraisal and a re-thinking of Israel’s understanding as a people of God”. If we think of Jeremiel as part of that reappraisal, then that gives another insight into his/her activity in relation to a much bigger picture.

Prophecies of the divine word, the logos especially with hope and the expansion of hope which, in times of difficulties, in times of hardship or crisis can be the antidote to human despair.

Archangel Jeremiel is also concerned with the clearing of dogma; true faith is the energy and the context through which the activity of Jeremiel comes into being. Prophetic faith based in the reality of human freedom - the stark consequences of human choices whether or not we listen to what is spoken to us in relation to a pre-evaluation of what may take place or not. Jeremiel is the voice that speaks to us in the stillness or out of the stillness that gives the opportunity to touch the heart and the being at a deeper level within the self.

There is a sense that Jeremiel is to do with taking on responsibility, taking on the ability to respond even though, in ourselves, we do not feel ready to, and then come to an understanding or insight within ourselves as to what we have understood. Perhaps then, a greater responsibility follows.

Distortion in religion, not a belief system, due to a falsification of energy which may be expressed more naturally in other ways. An example of falsification, such as the subversion of sexuality and how that corrupts “religious affairs”, has been highlighted within the Catholic Church through the revelations that have come to light in recent years. This is also part of what Jeremiel is about - the misuse of energy in the context of subversion that he/she is now able to bring things to light that have not been in the light before.

Jeremiel is one of the seven of what are called ‘core archangels’ in relation to certain Judaic texts. He/she has been known as an Archangel that would help us with visions of a prophetic nature to be able to have the sense of what will be. To re-evaluate circumstances that are in the process of change, to be able to enter into a review and revaluate what has taken place and to come to a clarity of perspective based on a deeper insight arising from within the situation within which we find ourselves.

Jeremiel is an Archangel who offers a great deal of sympathy, a deep sense of intuition. He/she helps us in the attainment of the gold within us and to be able to refine that which lies beneath the olive. To be able to find that source within the olive as part of the mixture to help guide us towards the transmutation of the gold that lies within. Letting go of the past with a loving and tender perspective that allows us to come to terms with changes and goals that are worthwhile.

Assists in bringing about what we might call clairvoyance both in our waking consciousness and in our dream life is part of the way in which the prophetic sense of Jeremiel functions. A sense of clarity of being - to regain enthusiasm and confidence after there has been a sense of loss of identity.

A meeting with Jeremiel changes our perception of the view on our lives, so that the thoughts and feelings that have been enmeshed or wound up together become clarified to enable us to see the situations and circumstances of our life from a different perspective, a different degree of clarity.

He/she is seen as being related to B20 Star Child and to B98 Sandalphon because of his/her relationship with the path that is called the last judgement. He is watching in relation to the souls that are appearing at the end of time as our positive or difficult karmic patterns are unfolded and the resurrection within the self of a different possibility of consciousness begins to emerge.

In Love and Light

Mike Booth