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02 * Kuthumi

AS Q 02 d
SFr. 35.30
inclusive of VAT


Master of the Rays : Yellow
Basic Theme : "Connecting Angelic & Human Realms"
Color: Pale Gold
Fragrance : Flowery, Sweet & Spicy
Tarot Card : King of Swords
I Ching Sign : Thunder above, Thunder below # 51, "The Arousing"

The Kuthumi quintessence provides the frequencies necessary for connection with the subtle ' Angelic' realms within ourselves.

Kuthumi suggests the subtlety that we can then access from within that can enable us to hear the consciousness of every living being, every plant, every stone and so care for them better. This can help us in gardening, and with sensing the very essence of nature. Through Kuthumi we can develop deep trust in the trees, water, rocks, flowers, mountains, crystals etc. We can become open to what lies deep within these beautiful beings, rather than seeing only their materially obvious aspects. Kuthumi can support us in finding personal symbols such as "power animals". All of these connections guide us to tune into energies that will enhance our creativity, our love life, and the feeling of being as "one" with both the higher (Angelic) and lower (Devic) frequencies.

Thus it enhances sympathetic or empathetic relationships at all levels. Kuthumi helps to lessen fears in the spiritual realm as it is related to St. Francis and Maitreya, bringing Wisdom and Unconditional Love. It is important to remember that these subtle energies rely as much on our love, our gratitude, and our warmth, as we rely on theirs. Put more simply we begin to see how vital reciprocal maintenance is. Nature looks after us, are we reciprocating by caring for nature?