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06 * Etheric

AS PR 06-3150
SFr. 25.20
inclusive of VAT


ETHERIC is the "anti-shock" rescue oil par excellence!

The original name "Humpty Dumpty" indicates a small, roundish person and is synonymous with something fragile, which is not at all or only very difficult to repair. Similar to homeopathy, this essence treats "like with like". That is why it is the No. 1 rescue oil in terms of help after accidents, operations and severe trauma. A targeted application helps to regain calm after traumatic experiences.

Since problems with the thyroid gland often manifest after shocks (read the word shield gland very slowly and think about why it is called that), the muscles show a tendency to harden and gallstones can form, ETHERIC seems to be able to work wonders in this regard. Regarding the Equilibrium oils, I can say from years of experience that Equilibrium Essence No. 26 is very often chosen by people who have been abused in their childhood, either physically or psychologically.

* * *

Ingredients (Etheric Rescue 25ml): The upper, oil-based essence of this Pocket Rescue oil contains, among others, the following ingredients: jojoba oil, alkanna tinctoria and ylang ylang. These ingredients lead to the fact that they are used especially in situations where it is necessary to supply energy gently but firmly.

The lower, water-based essence contains the following ingredients, among others: Hamamelis Virginiana, Calendula Officinalis, Quillaja Saponaria, Ocimum Basilicum, Melia Azadirachta, Lawsonia Inermis, Curcuma Longa, as well as Rose Quartz, Orange Calcite, Fire Opal and Carnelian. These ingredients lead to the fact that they are used especially in situations where it is necessary to supply a feeling of relaxation, security, warmth as well as the theme of "letting go" in the region of the entire digestive tract.

* * *

Application: Before use, shake the bottle vigorously (with the cap closed) with your left hand ... open it and put a small amount of the now mixed essence also in your left hand ... and massage the oil on the body wherever you feel like; especially massage around the body at the level of the lower abdomen. In case of thyroid problems, this essence can also be applied around the neck. You can use the Pocket Rescue oil several times a day; as often as you like!

Principle of action: After the emulsion is rubbed into the skin, it is absorbed by the skin and delivered to the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and through the blood to the various organs and endocrine glands, which act directly on our subtle bodies (chakras). 

Ingredients (in general):
The upper half of the contents of the bottle consists of grape seed oil, and the lower half - natural, filtered spring water irradiated with ultraviolet light. Both basic substances include extracts of herbs, plants, vegetables, essential oils, crystals, minerals, precious and semi-precious stones. All herbal ingredients come exclusively from biodynamic cultivation and make the Aura-Soma Pocket Rescue Essences high-quality care products.