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B49 * New Messenger

AS E 049 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Main Theme: Expression of feelings

Dominant Characteristics: A flexible, creative person with many new ideas and great interest in development. Has a good feeling for rhythms, sequences, and time planning, as well as a talent for speaking. Often works in mass media. Brings his/her spirituality together with a down-to-earth attitude, especially with respect to love. Is able to share feelings with others. Sees that positive and negative sides in others actually mirror a part of oneself.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is in search of the perfect relationship, therefore often misses existing opportunities. A discouraged person, held back by guilt feelings. Has difficulty sharing (money, feelings, all types of things). Finds it difficult to change his/her situation. Allows others to walk all over him/her.

Spiritual Level: Brings about the ability to more clearly recognize one’s own path and to talk about spiritual matters with others. Helps overcome utopianism and exaggerated idealism. Inspires a deep understanding of the need for change, therefore resolving the despair that some changes bring with them.

Mental Level: Effective for those who have problems with authority. Effects a new sense of balance when the analytical mind is too strong. Establishes contact with seriousness, trust, discernment, and a feeling of time - that is, with respect to sequence and planning.

Emotional Level: Resolves old guilt feelings and discouragement, as well as past, emotionally loaded memories from childhood. Helpful at the beginning of a new relationship (also applies to professional relationships).

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the chest area and along the hairline; with speech impediments, also around the throat/neck.

Affirmation: I open myself to love.

Distinctive Qualities: Beneficial for speech impediments, which have their origin in some type of trauma.