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B42 * Harvest

AS E 042 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Main Theme: Spontaneity combined with joy

Dominant Characteristics: A kind, harmonious, "sunny" person. This is also reflected in the way this person moves (for example, he/she may possess dancing abilities). Is in a natural flow, goes with the flow of life. In the positive sense, knows no inhibitions. Finds his/her own way in the most varied life situations. Easily absorbs information, which this person often utilizes in his/her work.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Keeps searching for a new identity, but never changes. Tries unsuccessfully to rely on the mind. Has little sweetness in life; therefore, indulges in overeating sweets. Is unhappy and permanently focused on future events instead of being in the present moment.

Spiritual Level: Helps experience more joy and self-realization. Facilitates awakening. Casts light into the shadow areas of the personality. Points out those things that are truly desired.

Mental Level: Resolves feelings of limitation and nervous depressions. Stimulates the intellect and the intake of information, but is also helpful for balancing over-intellectuality and intellectual dominance. Facilitates decision making process.

Emotional Level: Inspires "higher feelings" (love, warmth, compassion, etc.). Clears emotional confusion. Encourages freedom from fear; brings joy.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area. When experiencing seasonal depression (usually in the winter), apply along the entire hairline.

Affirmation: From my outer knowledge, I create inner knowledge.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of The Expanded Chakra Set. Beneficial during seasonal depression and at exam preparation time (for children, teenagers, and adults). This substance affects the astral body. It helps to let go of illusions.