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Nr. 121 * Pluton

AS E 121
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


lime green / orange

Letting go of the past...and reshaping the future

In this Equilibrium essence, the color lime green appears for the first time. The vibration of this color is known to sprout projects, so it basically corresponds to the property of fresh plant sprouts... which - as far as I know - are always light green, or lime green.

Since this color is located in the upper part of this Equilibrium essence bottle, it acts "mainly" on the head area, while the lower part of each Equilibrium essence acts "mainly" on the body. With the regular application of this energetically refreshing essence, there is thus a chance to prepare one's thoughts for something new: whether it is the founding of a family, a business... or projects in general.

The color orange, found in the lower part of this essence, helps realize the theme of "letting go". Among other things, the color orange is related to digestion, both physical...but more importantly, emotional.

Based on these two colors, you could say that this essence can help you let go of the past, digest it... and then "tackle" new projects.

* * *

The color "lime green" contains the qualities of the colors olive green and yellow. We can interpret this mixture of colors as a true sense of hope and joy, which helps us overcome fears and find a new path within ourselves. At the same time, the color orange can help us get closer to the healing process.

When we observe the color 'lime green', we naturally think of spring; this season is characterized, among other things, by the fact that new sprouts appear everywhere... . The essence Equilibrium Pluton contains this potential. It allows us to manifest spring within ourselves and transform old fears. At the same time, this essence can help us understand unconscious patterns and transform them... so that we can experience more joy and happiness again... both on a spiritual and physical (cellular) level.

* * *

Where this essence is applied: It can be applied all over the body, especially in the area of the Svadhistana-Chakra (sacral chakra) and Manipura-Chakra (solar plexus chakra).

Specific use in case of shock and trauma: In these cases, it is possible that the "true Aura" is moving away from the center of the body toward the "etheric fissure", which extends from the armpit to the tip of the chest. The color orange contains the energy that helps the "true Aura" return to the center.  Apply this balancing essence on the left side of the body, from the left earlobe to the side of the neck, over the shoulder to the armpit and all along the left side of the body to the ankle, as well as around the lower abdomen, front and back. See also the information I published on Equilibrium Essence No. 26 (Humpty Dumpty).

* * *

Crystal energies: Rose quartz, zincite, orange calcite, fire opal, carnelian, ruby zoisite, topaz.

* * *

The two Quintessences Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin and Holy Grail are attributed to this Equilibrium essence. The two Pomanders associated with Pluton are : Orange and Olive Green.

The corresponding essence of the ArchAngeloi sprays is Jophiel.

So it would certainly be interesting to read about these essences ;-)