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09 * Colour Essence * Olive

AS CE 09 d
SFr. 25.20
inclusive of VAT


The Colour Essence Olive balances Yin (the subconscious, the night, embodies the passive, inward energy and is considered feminine) and Yang (the conscious, the day, the active and impulse-giving principle and is called masculine) in our body. Yin and Yang are very much interconnected, complementary. Each of us has a dominant Yin or Yang ... however, these two forces are not in conflict with each other, as both are active in every being.

This essence imparts perseverance and patience. It helps to take things into one's own hands and thus promotes personal development. Thanks to the feeling of self-confidence that this essence gives, we listen more to our own inner voice again and thus make very good decisions.

Fears that are located in the solar plexus are dissolved and flow purified to the heart.

* * *

Plant: Giant thuja
Tree: Olive
Crystals: Moldavite
Minerals: Carbon 

Chakra assignment: Anahata-Chakra

Zodiac sign: Virgo


Application: a few drops of it can be rubbed on the inside of the wrists, the temples, the back of the neck and/or on the throat and/or behind the ears, the belly and/or around the ankles.

Affirmation: Caring, cordiality and the sun's rays are stronger than wind and rain.

* * *

The essences are bottled in Miron violet glass (30ml). The unique properties of the violet glass filter different light frequencies, which both protects and revitalizes natural products and extends their shelf life quite significantly.