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02 * Colour Essence * Pink

AS CE 02 d
SFr. 25.20
inclusive of VAT


Love !

This color essence promotes the feeling of receiving love and feeling love. At the same time, it promotes compassion towards oneself and others. May prove extremely effective in letting go of impressions related to loss and being more in touch with our feminine intuition and compassion.

* * *

Plant: Honeysuckle and rose (pink)
Tree: Hawthorn
Crystals: Rose quartz
Minerals: Calcium


Chakra assignment: Anahata-Cchakra

Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Application: a few drops of it can be rubbed on the inside of the wrists, the temples, the back of the neck and/or on the throat and/or behind the ears, the belly and/or around the ankles.

Affirmation: Attention and cordiality fill every single cell in my body. Abundance and plenitude in terms of attention and cordiality.

* * *

The essences are bottled in Miron violet glass (30ml). The unique properties of the violet glass filter different light frequencies, which both protects and revitalizes natural products and extends their shelf life quite significantly.