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Tachyon Sphere 60mm * red

SFr. 120.00
inclusive of VAT


In the human body, the color red is assigned to the area from the feet to the coccyx and the base chakra and, from an energetic point of view, also has an effect in these areas. For example, red helps people with a lack of grounding and stimulates the circulation in the legs. Red activates. Red invigorates. Red like fire, red like blood. Red = energy. It is interesting that the color red in connection with the tachyons is referred to as a so-called fast color, although, physically speaking, red is the color with the slowest vibration. Red is the color of strength, health and vitality, energy and excitement, helps with intestinal sluggishness, frigidity and impotence.

In addition to the applications mentioned in the initial section, the red-colored sphere is particularly suited to the following living situations:

• for acute states of fatigue
• a lack of love for oneself
• for deep-seated insecurity
• to ground yourself (after meditation)
• for chronic states of exhaustion

Maybe that's why the Moulin Rouge in Paris is red ;-)

* * *

Manufacture / Tachyonization: Each tachyon sphere is carefully made by hand and then tachyonized using the process I developed in 1996/1997. Small bubbles that (may) appear inside the sphere do not influence its effect in any way but are a clear indication that it is exquisitely handcrafted!

The diameter is 60mm. Each sphere is supplied with a small glass stand so that you can place it on your desk or under your bed, for example, without it taking on a life of its own ;-)

* * *

Chakras and colorsThe color red is assigned to the 1st chakra (Muladhara chakra). Under this link I have published detailed information about this chakra with the assignments to body and mind as well as about diseases that can be treated with this color frequency. A few more keywords regarding the energetic properties of this color can be found under this link.

* * *

Geobiology (interference suppression of earth radiation): Since the introduction of our tachyon spheres in 1996, they have been used with great success by many dowsers (radiesthesists) to harmonize the disturbing influences known for centuries (water veins, Hartmann and Curry grids, fault lines and ley lines).

The punctual harmonization (described in detail under this link) is the most favorable variant and usually shows immediate effect! To do this, a tachyon sphere is placed under the bed (at the height where physical problems manifest). In this regard, I recommend an indigo-colored sphere ... or a color that you personally like best ;-)

* * *

Feng Shui: To increase the life energy (CHI) in a room, an apartment or in a company, I recommend placing four tachyon spheres in the four outer corners (see sketch in this link) and sticking a tachyonized hemisphere to the ceiling at the intersection (in the middle of the apartment) (e.g. with a white double-sided mounting tape from Tesa). I leave the choice of the color of the tachyon spheres to you ;-)