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Tachyon Sphere 60mm * lilac

SFr. 130.00
inclusive of VAT


The color lilac awakens hidden potentials and activates them very gently. Lilac is used for people who do not yet know exactly which direction they want to go in, but already have a slight idea. Lilac is considered a "spring color" because its potential also lies in awakening dormant energies and making them sprout. Lilac is probably the color with the highest potential.

Apart from the applications mentioned at the beginning, the lilac-colored sphere is particularly suitable for the following life situations:

• to feel a sense of harmony and calm
• to bring order to a chaotic lifestyle
• to perceive the wonders / abundance of life
• for lack of self-esteem, which I cover up
• to gain access to dreams and messages

Similar to the color pink, we can only use its full potential if we can fully surrender to the vibrations of this color. This is why lilac is often used for people who cannot trust other people and especially themselves. It is possible to heal the deepest wounds with lilac tachyon products and let the world shine in a new light.

* * *

Chakras and colors: The color lilac is assigned to the 7th chakra (Sahasrara chakra). Under this link I have published detailed information about this chakra with the assignments to body and mind as well as about diseases that can be treated with this color frequency. You can find a few more keywords relating to the energetic properties of this color here.

* * *

Geobiology (interference suppression of earth radiation): Since the introduction of our tachyon spheres in 1996, they have been used with great success by many dowsers (radiesthesists) to harmonize the disturbing influences known for centuries (water veins, Hartmann and Curry grids, fault lines and ley lines).

The punctual harmonization (described in detail under this link) is the most favorable variant and usually shows immediate effect! To do this, a tachyon sphere is placed under the bed (at the height where physical problems manifest). In this regard, I recommend an indigo-colored sphere ... or a color that you personally like best ;-)

* * *

Feng Shui: To increase the life energy (CHI) in a room, an apartment or in a company, I recommend placing four tachyon spheres in the four outer corners (see sketch in this link) and sticking a tachyonized hemisphere to the ceiling at the intersection (in the middle of the apartment) (e.g. with a white double-sided mounting tape from Tesa). I leave the choice of the color of the tachyon spheres to you ;-)