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YO d
SFr. 98.00
inclusive of VAT


The idea to create this pendant came after a conversation between Raphaël and Marco-Raffaello. This conversation took place in a boutique in Switzerland called Le Papillon Bleu (The Blue Butterfly). Later that evening, after almost 8 minutes, the following symbol was created; it serves as the basis for this pendant and is transferred into the glass by laser.



When - a few weeks later - Norbert from the Germany headquarters received the first YO pendants from the glassworks and told Marco-Raffaello by phone, Norbert (a bit excited) interrupted the conversation to take the following photo.




Synchronicity! Norbert, who designed and manufactured the first tachyon products in 1995 (and is still partly responsible for them today) was 305,36 km away from Marco-Raffaello as the crow flies at that time ;-)

Regarding the potential of this particular amulet, we had decided to publish only keyword feedbacks; until the time we received this email on 09 February 2017:

"I think that at the moment many sensitive people are being "swirled around" a bit and that at the moment there is a great struggle between light and shadow. I believe that this intense pink can help these people right now to stay on the path of the heart and not be distracted by the dark forces. I am convinced that this pendant connects to the heart and can help to experience joy, love and divinity. When I held the pendant last night, I perceived the presence of Blessed Mother Mary and I think she belongs to the pink ray; St. Germain was also omnipresent. A deep pink; the pink of compassion and the purple of transmutation. Interesting. Kind regards S."

* * *

The following keywords were noted chronologically after customers told us what kind of feelings A) the logo and B) the amulet triggers in them:

it lives . healing . centered . protection & warmth . health . happiness & joy of life . cocoon .  embraced . Saint Germain . angel . it reminds me of the OM symbol . happy . my heart opens, and I feel embraced . childhood . flower meadow . detached . calm . creates space . connection with God . a door opening . I heard my heart . crazy . smile . butterflies & elves

* * *

Since this amulet is made with the color mixture magenta/fuchsia, there is - so we were told - possibly a connection with the three following Equilibrium essences of Aura-Soma:

No. 67 * Divine Love

No. 69 * Sounding Bell

No. 77 * The Cup


* * *

Material of the YO pendant: pure silicon, individually handmade, pure silver eyelet.
Size: 30mm x 7mm