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Talisman SUN*RAY

The two SUN*RAY amulets we present in this section offer an interesting support for people who are looking for an effective talisman.
Each pendant is individually handmade in our studios. We use only natural materials for this; pure crystalline silicon as well as 24 karat gold leaf. The precious metal gold, which we use for the production of SUN*RAYs, has played an extremely important role in medicine for centuries. Below we present excerpts of its energetic potential:

Applications of pure gold:
  • im in case of burn-out syndrome
  • in case of joint/bone pain
  • as a remedy against infectious diseases
  • in case of glandular hardenings / swellings
  • for heart problems and as a heart tonic
  • for the elimination of disease-causing substances

Gold conveys courage and self-confidence and is considered an effective support for life weariness.

A few years ago, Swedish and American researchers came to the conclusion that gold, even in the smallest dosage, has a regulating influence on the human immune system. Gold salts prevent a protein from escaping from the nucleus of immune cells, which triggers inflammatory reactions.