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Silica Hemisphere

The silicon hemisphere with its spiral pyramid inside is one of the most special forms we are allowed to offer for meditation purposes and for chakra harmonization.

In combination with one of the three offered colors, the user is enabled to reach different spheres of consciousness. The spiral pyramid inside helps to connect with Mother Earth and the cosmos. The hemisphere enclosing the pyramid is designed to protect the user in their meditation and envelop them with light-filled energy.

Energetic cleansing / duration of effect:
Tests (including kinesiology, radiesthesia, bio-resonance, radionics, etc.) prove time and again that it is not necessary to "cleanse" BIOTAC Line© tachyon products. Unlike precious and semi-precious stones, these tachyon products do not "charge". The duration of effect of BIOTAC Line© tachyon products -with the exception of tachyonized textiles- is comparable to that of magnets; i.e. a good few decades.