E-Smog Protection


Product#: BT ID E
SFr. 144.00
VAT included



The blue colored IMERA-Disc has been developed to repolarize electric and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone antennas, UMTS systems, train power lines, trolley bus lines and high voltage power lines.

In order to harmonize the influencing factors of the above mentioned interfering factors the IMERA-Disc has to be attached on the wall or on the window which is oriented towards the jamming source.

Each IMERA-Disc (pure crystalline silicon) builds up a harmonizing and protecting tachyon-field with a size of approx. 6 to 12 meters of diameter, depending on the intensity of the radiation.

At this point we would like to notice that on the internet you will find a lot of information about so called ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) fields and health effects literature. It has been clearly proven, that ELF-frequencies have a rather unhealthful effect.

Since the year 2002 we offer this forceful tachyon product for harmonizing this kind of frequencies. Thousands of households have been equipped with IMERA-Disc and every day new households join in.