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SFr. 69.80
inclusive of VAT


Keywords for the GOLD*CARD

Burnout syndrome, lack of self-confidence, heart problems, tendency to irritability and nervousness, fatigue (even after long sleep), rheumatism, light and strong muscle tension, edema and glandular swelling

* * *

The GOLD*CARD offers two completely different application possibilities:

- A - we have designed this Energy Card for people who are regularly in the vicinity of devices that create electrosmog: computers, monitors, laptops, notebooks, Wi-Fi / WLAN routers, cash registers, photocopiers, mobile phone antennas, TV sets, trains, streetcars, cars, artificial lighting, etc.

- B - to inform water, which than will offer similar properties to colloidal gold

* * *

- A - To protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, you can put the GOLD*CARD in the shirt pocket or in the breast pocket of your suit. Worn at this height, the tachyon field that forms around the GOLD*CARD acts directly on the thymus and thyroid glands. With great security you can concentrate better !

- B - To revive drinking water, place the GOLD*CARD under a glass or under a carafe of fresh water. You can leave the GOLD*CARD under the carafe all day and also overnight and refill it with fresh water. Water revitalized with the GOLD*CARD also stimulates the nervous system and digestion.

* * *

Gold and natural medicine

This precious metal has played a very important role in medicine for centuries. Drugs with potentiated gold have been known for a long time. Pure gold can be helpful in the following cases:

  • for cardiovascular diseases
  • in case of burn-out syndrome and depression
  • for nervousness, restlessness and unfounded fears

Gold conveys courage and self-confidence and is considered to be an effective support for life's surfeits.

A few years ago, Swedish and American researchers concluded that gold has a regulating effect on the human immune system even in the smallest dosage. Gold salts prevent a protein from escaping from the nucleus of immune cells, which triggers inflammatory reactions.

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal gold addresses the fundamental switch points of health, youthfulness and regeneration. It has a number of spectacular properties that make it stand out from the extensive list of natural remedies. Colloidal Gold works at the cellular level. Gold colloids intensify the transfer of information between cells and thus stimulate the body's repair and regeneration systems. The increased transmission of stimuli also takes place in the brain, because the tiny particles can overcome the blood-brain barrier and significantly improve thought processes, concentration, motor skills, dexterity and the sense of time.

The precious metal gold with its unique atomic structure and its enormous electrical potential influences both the electrical and electromagnetic properties of every body cell. In a tachyonized form, gold can normalize pathogenic electrical fields in a short period of time.

For good reason, we use pure gold to manufacture the GOLD*CARD, the GOLD*CHIP, the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon and the GOLD*CHIP Disc.

* * *

Water crystal images of the GOLD*CARD ... realized with the method developed by Masaru Emoto

* * *

Manufacturing of the GOLD*CARD

The GOLD*CARD is manufactured in our workshop from pure crystalline silicon and is carefully coated with 24-carat gold leaf. After the tachyonization process, all Energy Cards are laminated to protect their fine structure from wear and tear. The lamination does not diminish their effectiveness, so do not remove it!