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01 * Tachyon Sphere * gold-topaz

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SFr. 98.00
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Gold has represented splendor, wealth, abundance and wisdom since ancient times. On the physical level, the color "gold" is associated with the small and large intestine, the nerves and also the skin. The region around the small and large intestine, located between the coccyx and solar plexus is also the region of anxiety, the seat of fears. The queasy feeling in anxiety is not located in the head, but around the navel.

In addition to the many applications we have described in this link, this Tachyon Sphere is particularly interesting in the following situations:

  • if I’m suffering from a lack of self-esteem
  • for more courage and assertiveness
  • when I "hide" or "conceal" my abilities
  • to connect with my intuition / inner wisdom
  • if I am prone to depression or moodiness

This color frequency helps to awaken dormant talents and abilities and make them visible to the outside world. Gold topaz can help to promote self-confidence and harmonize deficiencies in self-esteem.

* * *

Each Tachyon Sphere is -like all other glass products from our assortment- carefully handmade by employees of a renowned glassworks in Bavaria and afterwards tachyonized with the method I developed. Small bubbles that (may) appear inside the sphere do not influence its effect in any way but are a clear indication that it is exquisite handwork !

The diameter is 50mm. Each ball comes with a small wooden ring, so you can place it on the desk or under the bed, for example, without it rolling away.

* * *

Chakras and colors

The color gold topaz is assigned to the 3rd chakra (Manipura-Chakra). Under this link I have published detailed information about this chakra with the assignments on body and mind as well as diseases that can be treated with this color frequency.

A few more keywords related to the energetic properties of this color can be found here.

* * *

Enjoy the reading !