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Product#: DS T
SFr. 68.00
VAT included


The Half-Sphere is one of the most spectacular objects we offer for chakra balancing and lightful meditations. Users can reach special spheres of consciousness with this small tachyonized Half-Sphere.

The hemisphere that envelops the small spiral pyramid helps to protect the user during meditation and to surround them with luminous energy. The small inner spiral pyramid helps to connect with mother earth and the cosmos.

The Half-Sphere (diameter 40mm, height 20mm, material: crystalline silicon) is suitable to be used for dissolving energy blockages. For this purpose, it is placed and/or held on the corresponding part of the body. The person receiving the treatment can try to imagine how the cause of the problem (even if he/she does not know it) slowly disappears.

* * *

Geobiology: The Half-Sphere also serves to harmonize geopathic interference zones. We have published detailed information about this topic under this link.

Harmonization of harmful telluric radiation

To harmonize the harmful telluric radiation we have been using the "Sphere System" for years. In this system, four Tachyon Spheres and a Tachyon Half-Sphere are arranged so that the four Spheres form a square or rectangle on the floor. The Half-Sphere is attached to the ceiling at the intersection of the diagonals. This geometric formation creates a tachyon energy field that harmonizes almost completely the harmful influence of the radiation of both the Hartmann-Grid and the Curry-Grid.

The advantage of this system is that you do not have to move your furniture. So you can keep the furnishing of your space as you wish. As the "Sphere System" creates a tachyonic field that goes beyond the geometric layout, you will immediately feel comfortable in your home.

Water veins, if present, should be harmonized with GEOTAC*CARDs.

* * *

This reminds us of a very particular case: one of our clients, living in a nice villa in the Montreux area, noticed after the harmonization that even the lawn had changed in a surprising way: not only its growth had improved, but also the shrubs around her domain.

Please note that in case of harmful external influences, e.g. high voltage lines or cell phone antennas, these radiation can also be "shielded". Simply hang a GOLD*CHIP Disc inside the apartment or office (against the source of the interference).