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MOT EL-4560
SFr. 48.00
inclusive of VAT


The tachyon product par excellence ... not only for owners of electric cars !

Through the electrical cables and devices such as battery, car radio, air conditioning, navigation system, heating, etc., harmful electromagnetic fields are generated in the vehicle. Measurements show that these radiations show up to 750nT (nanotesla) and more.

According to the state of knowledge of today's research, a magnetic field of 300nT is already sufficient to strongly impair the natural ion exchange among body cells. Symptoms such as fatigue, loss of concentration, nausea, headaches or burning eyes can be the result.

By sticking the tachyonized MOTAC*ELECTRO silicon plate to the battery, all interference fields are permanently repolarized.

Long distance drivers, electrosensitive people and persons suffering from travel sickness notice the difference in no time! After fitting MOTAC*ELECTRO, all occupants feel significantly more comfortable.

* * *

For every MOTAC LINE© product we offer you a 10-year functional warranty!