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SFr. 49.80
inclusive of VAT


Reliable protection from electric smog. Guaranteed !

The GOLD*CHIP was developed in summer 1997 by the Swiss biophysicist Marco-Raffaello Dozio in order to reliably harmonize the harmful radiation emitted by cell phones, tablets, laptops, screens and other electric-smog emitting devices such as WiFi routers.

The GOLD*CHIP (24 carat gold plated brass, 25mm x 0,2mm) still represents the worldwide most secure product when it comes to harmonizing harmful mobile phone radiation.

Easy to fix: Stick it on your iPad, smartphone, tablet, laptop or on any other device that is connected via Bluetooth©, WiFi© or with the mobile network. Not only it will harmonize harmful radiation ... it also valorizes your device.

Warranty: We offer a 10-year warranty of functionality … from the date of purchase !

* * *

Analyses / Studies:  According to the statements of the specialist laboratories, the scientific analyses carried out by independent specialist laboratories in Switzerland and abroad may be described as exceptional. All studies and analyses confirm the effectiveness of the GOLD*CHIP in an impressive manner. The biophysical studies carried out by the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto show pictures of hexagonal water crystals that are unique thanks to the energy of the GOLD*CHIP.

* * *

Electric smog / Discomforts: Since conventional medicine started to clarify more closely with the topic electric smog, many new pathologies have been discovered. Pathologies that were previously unknown. In the following we describe the most well-known symptoms with which more and more people are confronted:

stress * burnout * insomnia * headaches * allergies * chronic fatigue * hypersensitivity * lack of concentration * problems to fall asleep

So if you think that you are suffering from similar symptoms, it is quite possible that the GOLD*CHIP might help to bring about a noticeable relief in a short time.

* * *

Properties / Benefits: The GOLD*CHIP protects kids … offers the sensation of being in good hands … and improves the ability to better concentrate.