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Pure Lumière * 50ml

SFr. 46.00
inclusive of VAT


grace - purity - elevation


Composed of precious sacred resins used for thousands of years for their alchemical powers, Pure Lumière perfume is a true purification tool. Harmonising for the body, soul and spirit, it is also used in all forms of elevation rituals. It strengthens the quality of presence to oneself and to one's intentions, bringing purity and light. It raises the vibratory rate, activates the Earth-Sky link, opens the doors to the higher dimensions, dissipates heaviness, dissolves crystallisations, creates space and opens to renewal.

It allows the purification of a devitalized place, the purification of a vitiated air, the neutralization of a charged object, the release of crystallizations in the aura, the accompaniment of a person at the end of life, the elevation of low and stagnant energies, ...

Pure Lumière perfume represents grace and purity. Its gentle energy is alchemized by the meeting of benzoin, myrrh, nard, olibanum incense, Himalayan cedar, mountain juniper, geranium, hyssop, lemon balm and fine lavender.

* * *

Cleansing of burdensome energies in a room

Allow yourself a moment of stillness, center yourself and connect with the energy of the place (space). Bring the flacon to heart level to connect with its vibration and ask for grace, purity and upliftment. Turn to the east, to the energy of renewal and the rising sun, and spray the fragrance into the air in front of you. Continue this ritual by turning counterclockwise. In this way, you activate an energy vortex between earth and sky that can help lift burdensome memories and energetic blockages into the light. Strictly speaking, the ritual consists of spraying a burst of energy in the direction of east, north, west and then south.

Application for personal well-being

Stand with your eyes closed and focus your attention on your breathing. Hold the bottle with both hands at the level of the heart and mentally connect with all that is heavy and burdensome; with all that you want to discard and purify. Then spray the fragrance around you to envelop yourself with its energy and ask for grace, purity and upliftment. You can "fan" the fragrance into your aura with a spray over your left shoulder, a spray over your head, and a spray over your right shoulder. Then place your hands on your heart and visualize this fragrant mist as a bubble of light around you, and visualize this bubble of light drawing and transforming all impurities from your aura.