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Jatamansi essence

SFr. 28.00
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Jatamansi (Life-giver) - one of the most sacred essences of Nepal

The nard originates from the Himalayas, the "seat of the gods", and embodies - due to its spiritual and medicinal properties - one of the most sacred essences for thousands of years. The plant grows wild in Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim at altitudes from 3000 to 5000 meters.

Millennia of appreciationThe name Jatamansi means "life-giver" in Sanskrit and indicates how much this wonderful medicinal plant has always been appreciated in the ancient Indian natural medicine, Ayurveda. The plant, which is related to valerian, belongs to the valerian family and its fragrance and effect are similar in many ways to those of Indian valerian.

The nard has a strong, woody root with a stem 10 to 60 cm long. The essential oil with which I make the small 10ml vials is obtained by steam distillation of the roots, which in turn are collected by the inhabitants of Nepal.

Organic Jojoba Oil: The organic jojoba oil I use to make the Jatamansi Essence comes from a small family farm that I had the pleasure of getting to know a good thirty years ago.

Thanks to a special process, only a small part of the first pressing (about 20%) is used. This process guarantees that the oil does not contain irritating, tanning or bitter substances, thus providing the skin with natural vitamins. The organic jojoba oil used for the production of Jatamansi Essence is obtained from the nuts of the jojoba bush in the desert of "Baja California" located in the south of the USA.


History & Culture: This shrub was already known by the Indians and Aztecs for the care of skin and hair. The ancient people of the Sonoran Desert, the Tohono O'odham, called the plant "ho-Ho-ba".

In ancient times, nard was considered sacred since the time of Hammurabi (2000 BC) and was used for rituals, as described in the Songs of Solomon. As such, nard was reserved only for kings, priests and initiates. In the New Testament we learn of the anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene before the Last Supper.

According to an ancient custom, the head and feet of a special guest were anointed with nard oil, indicating the high esteem in which this essence was held in these cultures. The value of this precious oil was equal to the average annual income of a person at that time! Later, essential oil of nard was also used by rich women in Egypt and ancient Rome.

Beneficial properties / examples of use

The idea to create this essence was born only recently (September 2022), although I personally experienced the beneficial properties of nard several years ago.

Connection between heaven and earth: The primary purpose of using Jatamansi Essence is to activate the root chakra (that is, to ground yourself) ... and at the same time to open the crown chakra. To do so, I recommend that you apply a small amount to the center of the soles of your feet in the morning with the roll-on stick, and also apply a little to the top of your head.

Heart - endocrine system - stomach: The essential oil of nard has - among other things - antispasmodic properties, the strong healing effect of which is shown in epilepsy. It is able to lower the heart rate, strengthen the heart, balance cardiac arrhythmias and act in a regulating way in the circulatory system, which draws attention to its antihypertensive potential, especially in combination with ylang-ylang essential oil. It also has a balancing effect on the hormonal system and helps with stomach problems.

Sleep disorders: Thanks to its calming properties, the nard acts on the nervous system. It can provide relief to people who suffer from insomnia. It can be said that all organs, including the digestive system, benefit from the balancing effect and healing properties of the nard.

Nervous system: The essential oil of nard has calming properties, especially at the psychological level. It is able to stabilize the nervous system and regenerate the mind after periods of extraordinary exhaustion. It is a first choice remedy when inner strength is needed.

Meditation: This spiritual oil is able to create an exchange between the psychic and physical aspects of the human being, which makes it particularly suitable for experiencing deeper states of consciousness during meditation.

Courage & Bravery: Nard is excellent for finding balance in our lives and helps us on the spiritual path with its root aspect to keep our feet on the ground, while at the same time its fragrance uplifts the soul to return to its divine source. Nard can strengthen courage and strength and helps people to take control of their lives.

Anti-Stress: Therefore, in nervous and aggressive situations at work, nard is an excellent protective oil for anxious people. Since it has a very calming and also pain-relieving effect, it is very effective against stress-related headaches. If this is the case for you, you can apply the roll-on stick to both temples and gently massage the oil into your skin.

Filled in 10ml Miron glass flacons with roll-on cap

MIRON violet glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light except violet. It also transmits a certain part of the spectral range of UV-A and infrared rays. This unique combination provides optimal protection against the aging process caused by visible light, thus extending the life and effectiveness of products. When I had the opportunity to meet the Miron team in the summer of 1986, they told me that after a good seven years of research, they had finally succeeded in producing this special glass.

For 35 years, I have used only Miron jars for my essences.