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AR-Ω-RA pendant

AR-Ω-RA pendant
SFr. 77.00
inclusive of VAT


Transformation and dissolution of negative karma

On the afternoon of January 11, 2022, I turned to "my spiritual advisors" and asked them to transmit to me a symbol that helps dissolve and transmute any form of negative karma.

A few minutes later I drew the following symbol:

"Oh, interesting" ... I thought. "Now what?"

"Now," was whispered in my right ear, "it would be interesting to make a new line of products, such as a pendant made of wood, and then present them as new tachyon products.

* * *


At the beginning of our activity we realized that in principle only natural materials should be tachyonized and that after tachyonization the basic properties of the material used are enormously potentiated. The most optimal materials are crystalline silicon, gold and wood. Lime wood and poplar wood are used to make the pendant.

That is, perhaps expressed a bit more clearly, that the energetic potential of this pendant is based on the symbol and the two woods used, and that these components "radiate" a corresponding tachyon field that can act on the person.

The lime tree - the tree of healing love


The lime tree radiates harmony and joie de vivre and conveys feelings of homeland, belonging, security and health. The lime tree brings us into contact with the divine connection and love that dwells within us. What is broken becomes whole again.


The poplar - the tree of spiritual search


Hardly any other tree grows as fast as the poplar. For the Celts, this property represented the spiritual search for the wisdom of the sky. The Druids appreciated its harmonizing and energizing properties.

* * *

Feng Shui

The AR-Ω-RA pendant is, as already mentioned, made of untreated lime and poplar wood and comes with a leather strap. Please make sure that the pendant does not come into contact with water!

The same applies to the AR-Ω-RA Room Disc, which is also made of untreated lime and poplar wood. This wooden disc has the potential to inform large rooms with the information of the AR-Ω-RA symbol and is therefore perfectly suited for use in the Feng Shui area to "brighten up" low-energy rooms and rooms loaded with dark energies.

This also applies to the AR-Ω-RA LED-Harmonizer.

As you will see, we offer the AR-Ω-RA tachyon products in various designs, all carefully handcrafted in French Switzerland.

AR-Ω-RA pendant, incl. leather bracelet and stainless steel clasp     Ø 40mm x 5mm

* * *

We wish you much pleasure and success with our AR-Ω-RA tachyon products!

May they bless your home and yourself!