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Sunray * yellow

SFr. 78.00
inclusive of VAT


Since the introduction of the Sunbeam in 1998, we have noticed again and again that this tachyon pendant is very often chosen by people who want to concretize their plans; be it the foundation of a company, a move, a wedding, the wish to have children or simply the fulfillment of a long-awaited wish.

One ritual that works very well is the following: Put a Sunbeam on a recent photo of yourself or of another person (with their consent). In this way you can "program" it for yourself but also for other people by adding specific wishes. You can of course also put the Sunbeam on a piece of paper on which you have written certain affirmations ... such as:

  • I AM happy
  • I have pleasure in life
  • I AM successful
  • I feel better, better and better every day
  • I attract joyful events
  • I AM a money magnet ;-)
  • etc.

Please don't forget that tachyons have an enormous potential to manifest "things" ... and above all please don't forget that especially YOU have a sensational potential. Dare, do it !!!

* * *

In what situations can the yellow Sunbeam be useful?

  • in case of nervousness and hyperanxiety
  • if I am too pessimistic and in case of a lack of self-confidence
  • to center myself
  • in case of depression (seasonal or emotional self)
  • if I think I can no longer manage my life by myself
  • in case of energy problems (stomach & metabolism)
  • to connect with the sunny side of life

Positive states: 

  • helps to follow one's own intuition
  • to transform all the moments of one's life with wisdom
  • to live a life with stamina and vitality
  • to feel centered and balanced