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Sun-Pyramid * indigo-blue

SFr. 68.00
inclusive of VAT



If you apply our tachyonized Sun-Pyramids with conscience they offer the user to reveal memories of ancient times and furthermore the capacity to better orientate in everyday life.

It is over and over interesting to observe, that the Sun-Pyramid seems to be attractive to persons that somehow have the feeling being “obliged” to solve hindering patters; patters that somehow determine their life.

Our Sun-Pyramid who is, by the way, designed in the Pythagorean ration, offers an deepening with the shape of a double-pyramid with eight corners which can be filled with homeopathics, spagyrics, Bach Flowers remedies, etc. etc.: just put two or three drops, respectively one or two globules into the inner pyramid and point it with its top towards the body. Via the manifested tachyon energy field the corresponding information may be transferred into the chakras.

* * * * * * *

The energetic potential of the color indigo blue may be helpful for:

  • for sensitive kids
  • during pregnancy and giving birth
  • to protect myself during a meditation
  • reinforces the willpower in order to realize my plans
  • to promote clair-voyance and clair-audiance
  • if I’m overactive and if I miss inner peace
  • if there is a lack of protection and security
  • in case of troubles with the nose, ears or eyes
  • in order not to get lost in the spiritual dimensions
  • in case of depressions (due to oppressed spirituality)