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ANIGMA Cylinders

SFr. 144.00
inclusive of VAT


To enjoy the effect potential of the ANIGMA cylinders, I suggest you to take one rod each in your hands and sit (or lie) straight down and close your eyes. Allow yourself enough time for this kind of "meditation" and do not expect anything. Just relax and let the energy flow through and around your body. Relax.

* * *

As you have noticed, the ANIGMA set consists of three objects: two opal glass cylinders and one opal glass disc.

If you are doing the meditation lying down, you can place the ANIGMA disc on your forehead or on your belly button and again relax and just let the energy flow through and around your body. With the ANIGMA disc you can go however also a step further, by repeating the following affirmations during a few minutes: "GOD is omnipresent in my body, in my soul and in my spirit". "My body, soul and mind are flooded with divine energy!". "All my body cells are flooded with divine healing energy!"

While doing this, you can imagine that there is a small sun in your body that is shining ... and its rays are spreading to all parts of your body, illuminating all cells, and that after a while you are shining like the sun both inside and outside. Have fun !

* * *

In the following I take the liberty to share a personal experience with you:

With the opal colored ANIGMA disc you can call angels. You can put it on any part of your body (with or without clothes) and imagine that the ANIGMA-Disc attracts divine golden shining little angel beings ... one after the other ... a really big crowd ... and that these "little" angel beings use the ANIGMA-Disc like a "star gate" and "dive" into your body and do everything that has to do with health or clarity for example.

You are allowed to transmit clear "orders" to them with good knowledge and conscience, where they are supposed to help you. Only no false shyness ;-) Trust you !

* * *


Handicraft production

The manufacturing process is like a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the highly complex and "secret" melting and shaping process always enchants us during our regular visits to the glassworks. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

Virtually all of the products we offer are deliberately made from pure silicon. Silicon is the element of life. Thanks to scientific research, we know that without silicon - the second most abundant element on our planet - healthy human development is impossible.

The ANIGMA cylinders are - like all other energetic BIOTAC Line© products - carefully handmade by employees of a renowned glassworks in Bavaria and afterwards tachyonized with the method I developed.

The ANIGMA set consists of two ANIGMA cylinders (Ø 33mm x 120mm) and one ANIGMA disc (Ø 33mm x 12mm).


Cari saluti, Marco-Raffaello