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Infinity * Kubera-Mudra

SFr. 56.00
inclusive of VAT


The idea for the Infinitys came to me in early 2022, when I started creating a new Tachyon product, which will soon be available as an Energy Card. Details about this new Energy Card, which will be called Boomerang, should follow in the summer of 2022.

The Infinitys are primarily used to reinforce the Mudras and as "tools" for introspection or meditation.

Very easy to use: To benefit from these two tachyon products, place one Infinity between the thumb and index finger of your left hand, and the other Infinity between the thumb and index finger of your right hand. Whether you take the golden one in your right hand or not is up to your intuition ;-)

After meditation or after the practice of Mudras, you can wear the two Infinities on a chain or cotton cord.

You can also use both Infinitys for other Mudras, which I present in more detail in this pamphlet.

You can also stick the Infinitys on the body and try to get rid of blockages. Feel free to be a little curious ;-) and let yourself be surprised by their luminous potential!

* * *


The Kubera-Mudra is dedicated to Kubera, the deity of abundance and wealth. The three energetic components: wish * will * conviction are potentiated through this Mudra.

The fingertips of the thumb, index and middle fingers are joined, while the other two fingers are curled. The finger of the planet Mars (thumb) represents "insistence", the finger of the planet Saturn represents concentration on the essential and the finger of the planet Jupiter represents magnificence and splendor.

This Mudra must be performed with both hands and requires the full attention of the user because the wishes must be expressed mentally in an absolutely harmonious and lightful way.

It lends itself for different occasions; if I wish for something or if I would like to achieve a specific goal or if I need a lot of strength/energy for a particular situation. Regular applications are highly effective for general health, promote mental peace and a sense of continuous satisfaction. If you practice the Kubera-Mudra by letting the air breathe in from below, it can relieve sinusitis.

It is not surprising that José Silva intuitively chose this Mudra to reinforce mental programming and techniques. Information for the "insiders": during the 25 years of development of the course "The Silva Mind Method", José Silva did not know anything about Mudras.

* * *

The set consists of 1x Infinity 925 silver (15 x 7mm) and 1x Infinity 925 rose gold plated silver (15 x 7mm).
The Infinitys are delivered in a small plastic jewelry box (37 x 57 x 15mm) and a small manual.