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GOLD*CHIP Medaillon

SFr. 107.80
inclusive of VAT


Effective protection against electromagnetic radiation

> ideal for electro-sensitive persons
> ideal for those who do a lot of screen work

With the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon - which represents the consistent implementation of our successful GOLD*CHIP - we are offering a very unique tachyon pendant. The impetus for its realization is due to a large majority of customers who had very good experiences with the GOLD*CHIP. Thank you ;-)

Apart from the fact that it offers an effective protection against electric smog, the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon also shows other beneficial properties that can be confirmed by kinesiological and radiesthetic tests. Practically everyone who wears this pendant reports feeling immediately grounded and that they perceive a pleasant sensation of space in the chest area. Furthermore, practically everybody immediately felt more energy in the whole body.

* * *

Electric smog / chronic diseases: Many people complain about stress and other health problems that deprive them of their zest for life. This is not surprising, since - unlike to the 70s and 80s - not only the rhythm of work but also the rhythm of life have changed radically; it seems that we have less leisure time to enjoy the finer things in life. Obviously, electric smog represents one of the major culprits: more and more people seem to be constantly "under power" and practically do not allow themselves moments of relaxation. The fact that more and more children are affected is a sad but true fact.

It may be a bit daring to question pseudo-scientific statements, because many scientists still believe that electric smog is harmless. Why don't you test the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body with a muscle test ?

Stress / Symptoms: Many people are still not aware that the main cause of stress has to do with the modernization of work equipment. Let's question some "old-timers": Do you remember your typewriter, cable telephones? No laser printer! No WiFi! No tangled cables! No smartphones! No remote controls for this and that! The air in offices has been saturated with electric smog and negatively polarized ions since the 1990s; due to the large number of technical devices. The effects on our organism have many facets: stress, fatigue, nervousness, depression, sleep problems, etc. etc.

* * *

Other properties: Since this pendant is made of 24 carat gold-plated brass and is embedded in pure crystalline silicon, it can be assigned - from a homeopathic point of view - soothing and grounding properties. Gold shows beneficial properties that we have described in detail with the GOLD*CARD.

* * *

Production: The GOLD*CHIP Medaillon is individually hand-made with pure crystalline silicon in our workshops in Germany and Switzerland. The eyelet is made with sterling silver (925).

Size: 35mm x 7mm