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Rainbow-Igloo * gold/indigo/violet

SFr. 78.80
inclusive of VAT


Apart from the mentioned properties (protection, inspiration and well-being), the blue-violet/gold colored Rainbow Igloo promotes the themes of the three following color frequencies:

Gold strengthens self-confidence. In terms of the physical level, this color is associated with the small and large intestine, the nerves and also the skin. The region around the small and large intestine, located between the coccyx and solar plexus, is also the region of fear; the seat of anxiety. The queasy feeling of anxiety only manifests itself secondarily in the head; the anxiety usually first appears in the region around the navel.

Indigo blue conveys peace and quiet. This color calms the fire, all kinds of inflammations, headaches, the nerves, high blood pressure, the mind. This color is associated with the forehead area, the "third eye", the pituitary gland and is known to awaken and strengthen intuition. An extremely interesting color frequency for those who are too top-heavy.

Violet transforms any form of negativity. This color can help to alleviate all the annoying evils that are based on hormones, because this gland controls everything that has to do with hormones. Combined with yellow, this color should not be missing in any child's room. It helps to dissolve and transform any kind of negative energy: shadow dissolve and become light.

* * *

Material: pure crystalline silicon
Dimensions: 34mm x 34mm x 18mm

* * *

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