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ProTAC-Shield * Imperial Tetragon

SFr. 146.00
inclusive of VAT


Activates the CHI in the living and working area

The ProTAC-Shields are an effective Feng Shui tool to enliven low energy rooms with tachyon energy. Their property is to be able to transform disharmonious energies that "hide" indoors or penetrate from the outside. Each ProTAC-Shield attracts tachyons and enlivens the space. It is designed to be hung indoors.

Hung on the wall or on the window (in the direction of the source of interference), the ProTAC-Shield revitalizes and refreshes a whole room ... and often even more than that ! The ProTAC-Shield manifests a protective tachyon field from 6 to 12 meters in diameter; depending on the intensity of the radiation. The calming effects of our ProTAC-Shields are felt in a very short time and last for many years !

PS: Even in the past, people were aware that stained glass windows produced amazing effects due to the sun's rays.

Protection from invisible energies: If you live or work near a cemetery, you might be tired more often and you might notice "unusual" energies, because a cemetery is not necessarily a peaceful yard.

Protection from electric smog: Another interesting application: ProTAC-Shields protect against electrosmog, e.g. from high-voltage power lines, train, bus and streetcar lines, mobile phone antennas and other external sources of electrical interference.

Application: To protect yourself from the mentioned influences, we recommend hanging the ProTAC-Shield indoors in the apartment or office at neck (head) height: be it on the wall or on the window in the direction of the source of interference.

* * *

Special features of the Imperial Tetragon ProTAC-Shield

The Imperial Tetragon is colored indigo blue. The following attributes, among others, are assigned to this color:

  • promotes intuitive thinking and intuitive action ...
  • conveys calm and overview ...
  • carries you off into other dimensions ...
  • strengthens the will ...
  • conveys peace and space ...

We have published further, detailed information about the potential of this color under this link.

Regarding the effects on our chakras, you will find further information at this link.

* * *

Dimensions: 22cm wide, 23.5cm high

Each ProTAC Shield comes with a lightly insulated metal wire that can be cut to the desired length (after making a loop with it for hanging).

* * *

Experiences: Since we presented the first tachyonized ProTAC Shields in 1997, many individuals and companies have enjoyed the extraordinary effect of these individually handcrafted works of glass art.

Making: Each silicon-based ProTAC-Shield is individually handcrafted by employees of a small, renowned glassworks in Bavaria. Each glass object is therefore just as unique as its future owners.

Even today, the manufacturing process resembles a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the complex melting and shaping process enchants again and again. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" the silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

We hope you enjoy our tachyon products !