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SFr. 59.80
inclusive of VAT


Keywords for the SILVER*CARD

menstrual cramps, menopause, sleep disorders, headaches, allergies, irritated skin, athlete's foot and skin fungus, chronic inflammation, ulcers, neurodermatitis, digestive problems, muscle cramps

* * *

The SILVER*CARD offers interesting application possibilities. Since tachyons transmit information, so-called "silver water" can be produced with this Energy Card … showing a similar potential as known from colloidal silver. Since silver has an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, this precious metal is perfectly suited to transmit the potential of tachyons in an optimal way.

To revive drinking water, place the SILVER*CARD under a glass or under a carafe of fresh water. You can leave it under the carafe all day and also overnight and refill it with fresh water. Water revitalized with the SILVER*CARD also stimulates the nervous system and digestion.

* * *

Silver and natural medicine

Since ancient times silver -the metal of the moon- has been attributed to the vegetative functions of the body. These include heart activity, blood circulation, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature and control of gastric juice secretion. Pure silver can be helpful in the following cases:

  • for menstrual cramps, menopause
  • for sleep disorders, digestive problems
  • ulcers, neurodermatitis
  • allergies, foot and skin fungus
  • chronic inflammations, headaches
  • muscle cramps

It has been known for thousands of years that silver strengthens the thymus gland and has an antibiotic and antimicrobial effect.

* * *

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is in a way a private clinic for everyone, a little hospital in your luggage. It is also called the "second immune system" and "natural antibiotic". More and more people are turning to this method, which has few side effects, for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Carl Sigmund Franz Credé (1819-1892) had discovered that silver nitrate in a dilution of 1:1000 kills staphylococci, streptococci and even anthrax within five minutes !

* * *

Production of the SILVER*CARD

The SILVER*CARDs are manufactured in our workshop from pure crystalline silicon and carefully coated with pure silver leaf. After the tachyonization process, all Energy Cards are laminated to protect their fine structure from wear and tear. The lamination does not diminish their effectiveness; therefore, do not remove them!

> Water crystal images of the SILVER*CARD ... realized with the method developed by Masaru Emoto