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SFr. 49.80
inclusive of VAT


Keywords for the COPPER*CARD

Hair loss, anxiety, venous disorders, kidney problems, hyperthyroidism, nervous and muscular tension, cystic fibrosis (metabolic disease), physical and mental fatigue

The tachyonized COPPER*CARD (credit card size) is a handmade product manufactured with pure copper and pure crystalline silicon. After the tachyonization process each COPPER*CARD is laminated in order to protect its delicate structure from attrition. The laminate doesn’t reduce the effects !

As tachyons primarily transmit „information“ one can produce so-called „copper-water“, which offers a similar potential as known from homeopathic copper.

Place the COPPER*CARD two to three minutes under a glass or a jar with fresh water. If you like, you can leave the little card over night or during daytime under a glass or a jar; consume the informed water in sips at your own discretion. Do not forget to refill the jar from time to time ;-)
The trace element copper accomplishes different tasks in the human body: it is involved in creating the red blood cells and plays an important role for the function of the central nervous system. Enzymes containing copper protect cell membranes from damages by free radicals and represent therefore an important antioxidant. Furthermore copper has diverse roles in biological electron transport and oxygen transportation.

> Water crystal images of the COPPER*CARD ... realized with the method developed by Masaru Emoto