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08 * Pocket Seal

SFr. 254.00
inclusive of VAT


The BioGenesis Pocket Seal receives the light pulses generated by the Great Seal. The Great Seal in turn, whose detailed description we have published at this link, can be called the generator of the BioGenesis creation processes.

The wonderful Pocket Seal with its ten dynamically raised spirals connects you to the blessed flow of love -which permeates every level of creation- and focuses "everything" towards the blessed Almighty Source of Eternal Light. It enlivens interpersonal relationships.

The applications of this "seal" are manifold:
  • it can be carried in your pocket
  • you can hold it in your hands for meditations, place it on the heart chakra, place it on the forehead chakra, place it on the belly button, etc. etc.
  • you can use it for energetic treatments
  • you can place it on the bedside table or on the desk
  • etc. etc.

This crystal clear hand crafted object resonates with the elements and forces that hold any form of support and progress. It supports you in your personal life mission and may reject "inhibiting" people and circumstances and replace them with those that are beneficial to you. It connects the user with the pure value of relationships, the jewel of all life, the values of love.

Furthermore, the Pocket Seal can protect you from "subtle microbes", mental entanglements, negative thought patterns and destructive intentions.
* * *
Application example to build relationships: Take the Pocket Seal of Genesis in your left hand. Then, generate a specific wish, desire or desire to enter into a very specific relationship. It may be a love relationship or it may be a relationship that you desire for your work environment. A student may use the Pocket Seal of Genesis to "attract" the best possible teacher who can be the best possible help to transmit their knowledge in the best possible way. If you wish, you can deepen this ritual by taking a BioTranslator in your right hand.
* * *
Once again, the Pocket Seal of Genesis connects you with individuals who are beneficial to you: Be it individuals with whom you can maintain a consistent friendship, business partners, love relationship, or even subtle relationships that support you to be happy. The Pocket Seal of Genesis may help you to get to know your partner soul.
Material: pure, crystalline silicon
Size: diameter 48mm, height 18mm