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Eye Illuminare

Product#: AS EI
SFr. 21.80
VAT included



The color frequence of Eye Illuminaire is related tot he upper region of the head. This Aura-Soma product has been conceived to balance the vibrational frequence of the eyeballs.


Application: If you wear glasses or lenses, please remove those vision aids. Hold the little bottle on the cap: near to the opened eye, in order that the colorbeam can penetrate in the eye. Please close the other eye while doing so. Please turn to a natural light source, for example daylight (do not look directly in tot he sun!). If daylight isn’t sufficient you can also use a bright lamp. Count off 33 seconds, close the eye and observe the “after-colors” which are manifesting inside your eye. Repeat this exercise with the other eye, too.


Generally, the „after-colors“ have the following meanings:

  • blue /royal blue   -   the third eye is active
  • pink / light magenta – the eye is healthy
  • yellow / green and other colors   -   the eye is not balanced


Important: Do not use as eye drops ! The liquid hast o remain closed in the bottle !