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B27 * Robin Hood

AS E 027 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Main Theme: Assertiveness

Dominant Characteristics: A successful person who works hard, who can concentrate well, who has great stamina, and is decisive. Is assertive and self-reliant. Has an infectious enthusiasm for life. Someone with courage and heart, who dares to push forward into the unknown. Is very centered and has a good feeling for harmony.

Potential Challenge Aspects: There are problems with one’s own gender - with one’s masculinity or femininity. In some way, this might be a dual personality. Life is considered very difficult. This person is not in harmony with him/herself. Feels "bogged down". Loves intrigue.

Spiritual Level: Causes transformation. Clears stuck situations on the spiritual level. Encourages the user to follow his/her path more effectively and gives space for the soul to unfold. Awakens the individual to spiritual discipline and inspires him/her to give this area more importance.

Mental Level: Helpful with dual personalities. Provides for more self-confidence and assertiveness, especially in relationships in which one has, up to this point, been too passive.

Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming hurt(s) and anger after a separation or divorce. Enables the individual to cope with the feeling of being spied upon and of being deceived.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.

Affirmation: I see the light through the trees

Distinctive Qualities: This combination, if chosen by a woman, can indicate someone who has a problem relating to men. It often shows that the person is about to go through a separation or divorce or has just done so (this applies to men as well as woman). This substance helps a person to handle their trans-sexuality (that is, feeling like a woman living in a male body, or vice versa).