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B110 * Archangel Ambriel

AS E 110 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Top: Pale Rose Pink

Lower: Deep Magenta


A letter of Mike Booth:

Dear Friends,

Archangel Ambriel contains a type of pink which we will call a pale rose pink and this intensification is a new possibility within the Aura-Soma® system.

Archangel Ambriel is the zodiacal ruler of Gemini, associated with the cosmic Christ, the twins of the cosmic Christ (the light twin and the dark twin). We therefore associate it with the Gemini figure in the Glastonbury Zodiac at Dundon Hill near Glastonbury. The Lovers in the Tarot and the Aura-Soma Equilibrium B6 and B84 are also associated with Gemini and the cosmic Christ.

We may think of Ambriel as a very lightful energy because of its association as a zodiacal archangel ruling Gemini. There is also a relationship to the qualities of the air element moving quickly in whichever direction. It easily goes through the different worlds and is part of water and nurtures that which is on the earth.

Ambriel is concerned with communication at all levels and traditionally is known as an archangel of protection, a protection coming from clarity of communication. Ambriel is also associated with non-judgmental awareness, awareness that is without the sense of critique or what we would term a “judgmental nature”, communication which is to do with the inner truth and carries a sense of being able to analyse without judgement.

Ambriel is here for us to inspire a communication which awakens the spirit and guides our consciousness towards our inner truth. A gentle Archangel who is ‘very direct’ in all his/her aspects. Sometimes it seems that truth and clarity of themselves are confrontational energies to those patterns not of the same nature as truth and clarity. Ambriel is trying at this time to inspire more communication of the inner truth from within ourselves, to inspire clarity and to clear confusion. Ambriel is helping us to go beyond the polarities within ourselves and rather than making friends with confusion, which causes conflicts that arise through identification with the confusion, helping us to clear doubts and disbelief that come from fear. Because models are traditional and are the ‘norm’ it does not mean that they are the only ones.

We can also think about Ambriel as releasing the toxins that accumulate when we become over absorbed in our doubts that can obscure the path before us. It seems that doubt often is a good companion upon the Way. We do not wish to become over confident but if the doubts become too strong then a lack of clarity ensues through disbelief.

We are being asked to clear the mists of uncertainty. We have to be willing to see through the lack of clarity and discern what is truly for the highest good. Ambriel assists us in seeking out clarity within the blue, the yellow and the red bowls. We can think of that as clarity in the intellect, clarity in the feelings and awareness in relation to our instinctual being upon the path that lays before us.

If we can acquire clarity of seeing then it is also possible for what we call “Dharma” to unfold before us. This requires clarity of vision, of awareness, in the way we do what we do. There are many possibilities that can open if we listen to the inner core of truth and how this may unfold. Clarity is also to do with being willing to see beyond the appearances, to go behind them, to go beyond the masks that are presented to us, both the masks we might be inclined to wear ourselves and the masks that we face within others, the mask that we may ourselves be hiding behind or the consequence of our projections.

How do we relate to the different people with whom we come into contact? Do we relate from the inner truth within ourselves or do we relate to a projection or a mask that is not the best aspect from within ourselves or what we recognise in another. Within the context of Ambriel we can find a deep level of self-acceptance. This is to rescue the love, the caring and warmth, to accept ourselves fully so that the masks may be dropped, the walls overcome, helping us to open our hearts, our minds and clear the space for truth to come about.

Ambriel helps us to live our dreams, allows our gifts to manifest and enables us to become more whole. The tendency towards comparison of ourselves with others often diminishes ourselves in our own eyes. This can happen either through the projection of the qualities that we have within ourselves which we recognise in others, or through the judgement of others as part of the judgement of ourselves where we have a certain sense of lack.

When we examine our qualities Ambriel asks us to nurture that which we have and not to use devices or ‘tricks’ to present other than we are. The quality of compassion, caring, affection and the subtlety of love are all part of the qualities through which Ambriel supports us towards realisation and the essence of truth within ourselves. There is a line from Gustav Davidson’s ‘A Dictionary of Angels’ which says: ‘I would rather be hurt with the truth than be protected by a lie.’

It seems this energy is part of the story of Ambriel and is part of what Ambriel asks of us. To use and honour our intuitive skills particularly in relation to overcoming negativity, to be adaptable and flexible in situations and circumstances that we meet in life, to have an ear for what is said beyond the words by another or even how we may view positively the actions of another rather than to enter into judgement.

There are many ways to listen, many ways to hear and to listen from the star, from the depths of ourselves in the context of accepting what we hear, either from ourselves or another, with a sense of detachment, non attachment, of compassion and love. We may say that Ambriel is a boost to the deeper intuitive layers within ourselves to stimulate the inner tuition and enable us to follow the feeling being towards comprehension of what the heart has to communicate.

Ambriel, due to the protective quality, has often been called upon as an energy to stave off and to keep away negative energy.

We have previously met the prophets Jeremiah with an association with Jeremiel, Zachariah and Zachariel. Sacharih is a prophet who worked under the auspices of Ambriel.

There is also a sense that the hidden gifts may be assisted, gifts that are latent, have not been explored or developed and Ambriel may be used to support the unfolding of those inner gifts. Ambriel may aid us in the examination of our potential in relation to the gifts we have been given which are under-utilised or have not been used up to now.

Ambriel is also concerned with the way in which we love whether it be in a conscious way or in other ways. The inspiration towards clarity to make love conscious could also be said to be part of the truth that Ambriel tries to inspire in us.

It seems that if we were to love truly then it would question the extent of the wisdom we carry and the strength we hold. The essence of the inspiration towards conscious love could also be seen to be inspired with due caution because of the consequences it is likely to bring forth. The adage “love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing”.

Another attribution of Ambriel is mysticism. Mysticism that is our inspiration towards the energy of love, maybe a mystical experience, as it returns to us, the way in which it goes up and comes down. An attribution which is probably difficult to understand. Can we accept and rejoice in moments of sorrow equally to moments of feeling intense joy. The equanimity that may be there to be able to love truly gives us the possibility of a deeper level of understanding.

Relaxation when practised correctly means a letting go of resistance and tension. Relaxation leads to a possibility of deeper concentration, concentration leading to what we call “meditation”. Ambriel is an inspirer of deeper levels of relaxation with the possibility of letting go into caring and warmth. Equally we may be able to gain insight through dreams or what arises in the meditative experience.

In a sense all of the archangels gather together to inspire us in relation to becoming a drop of the cosmic Christ, a drop of the blood, a corpuscle of the cosmic Christ awakening in the world. (In Christian terms we do not normally think of the Cosmic Christ in this way) Ambriel is particularly orientated in this direction which relates to the new consciousness emerging in the world.

In ‘The Calendar of the Soul’ by Rudolf Steiner, the verse for the week May 26 – June 1 reads:

“The senses’ might grow strong
United with the Gods’ creative work;
It presses down my power of thinking
Into a dreamlike dullness.
When godly being
Desires union with my soul,
Must human thinking
In quiet dream-life rest content.”


Love, as ever,