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B07 * Garden of Gethsemene

AS E 007 d
SFr. 43.80
inclusive of VAT


Main Theme: This bottle represents a "Test of Faith".

Dominant Characteristics: For this person, belief and faith are a life theme (also see "Distinctive Qualities"). A pioneer of the New Aeon. An idealist, a philosopher, who understands the needs and sufferings of humanity. Possesses inner wisdom and strength. Has learned lessons about ethics in previous incarnations, and is able in the here and now to express and utilize that. Likes to travel, loves nature, especially trees - in fact, is often very knowledgeable about trees.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A disillusioned seeker. An egocentric who acts against his/her own principles. Is not honest with him/herself and knows it deep within, but continues this self-deception.

Spiritual Level: Helps put mind over matter, to attain inner wisdom, and to establish a connection with deep inner knowledge. Enables the user to recognize what is blocking his/her own path and aids in the removal of these blockages. This combination relates to the beginning of spiritual progress for the soul, and can really open a new vista for the disillusioned seeker. The soul is seeking its right space and place (the green), and the wise (yellow) channeling of the free soul which in turn uses its freedom for the rightful purpose of its calling.

Mental Level: Stimulates the brain. Helps with decision making and reduces exaggerated speculation and introspection. Eases agoraphobia (fear of wide open spaces) and claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). This is an excellent "make up your mind" combination, suitable for any situation where one's rightful place seems threatened. It brings wisdom to remove obstacles from one's path, and find a clear direction.

Emotional Level: Releases fear, brings joy. Helps overcome jealousy and envy, as well as fear of emotions. Aids in development of emotional maturity. It brings calmness to move forward with courage in a difficult situation (green), and brings wisdom (yellow) into the space you will occupy as you move forward into resolution.

Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere between the heart and solar plexus area taking care to apply around the entire girth of the body on that band.

Affirmation: I have no limits apart from those I set for myself.

Distinctive Qualities: The energy in this bottle is analogous to the Garden of Gethsemene, where Jesus underwent his last test of faith.